Suna West United FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

Suna West United FC

Suna West United FC


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1. Amollo Evance Jaoko Amollo Evance Jaoko FKF048158
2. Gor Frankline Odhiambo Gor Frankline Odhiambo FKF048157
3. Harun Christopher Odiwuor Harun Christopher Odiwuor FKF048428
4. Ngala Collins Omondi Ngala Collins Omondi FKF048162
5. Obote Donald Idagisa Obote Donald Idagisa FKF048160
6. Obuya Clinton Ochieng Obuya Clinton Ochieng FKF048163
7. Ochieng Edwin Odhiambo Ochieng Edwin Odhiambo FKF048159
8. Ochieng Philip Ochieng Philip FKF060448
9. Odero Isaac Odero Isaac FKF060804
10. Odhiambo Clinton Odhiambo Clinton FKF005448
11. Odhiambo Dalphine Otieno Odhiambo Dalphine Otieno FKF050506
12. Odhiambo Victor Odhiambo Victor FKF048430
13. Odira Silver Otieno Odira Silver Otieno FKF060802
14. Ogutu Eliud Ogutu Eliud FKF049138
15. Ogweno Maxwel Ogweno Maxwel FKF029474
16. Okinyi Jeconia Abuor Okinyi Jeconia Abuor FKF049572
17. Okinyi Rolex Otieno Okinyi Rolex Otieno FKF048155
18. Okinyi Samwel Ochola Okinyi Samwel Ochola FKF050414
19. Okoth Jared Okoth Jared FKF048427
20. Okoth Stephen Okoth Stephen FKF060807
21. Okumu Andrew Nabangi Okumu Andrew Nabangi FKF048164
22. Omondi Stephen Okello Omondi Stephen Okello FKF048153
23. Omondi William Odhiambo Omondi William Odhiambo FKF048431
24. Otieno Joseph Otieno Joseph FKF048426
25. Otieno Kelington Otieno Kelington FKF060803
26. Otieno Kevin Ochola Otieno Kevin Ochola FKF003128
27. Ouma Moses Odero Ouma Moses Odero FKF060806
28. Ouma Stephen Ouma Stephen FKF026505
29. Wagaka Peter Deyas Wagaka Peter Deyas FKF048161
30. William Fadhili William Fadhili FKF050415

Suna West United FC form

7 Won
3 Draws
3 Lost
19 Scored
13 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
2. Gucha Youth FC Gucha Y.. 13 8 3 2 21:5 +16 27
3. Suna West United FC Suna We.. 13 7 3 3 19:13 +6 24
4. Oneno Nam FC Oneno N.. 13 7 2 4 26:17 +9 23
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