Hema Moja FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

Hema Moja FC

Hema Moja FC

Kiendege Primary Sch

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1. Abere Emmanuel Abere Emmanuel FKF007725
2. Adam Ismail Adam Ismail FKF017786
3. Amunga Titus Amunga Titus FKF024220
4. Atuti Samuel Atuti Samuel FKF022278
5. Aywa Samwel Aywa Samwel FKF029471
6. Basil Frank Basil Frank FKF048036
7. Bikoro Samwuel Bikoro Samwuel FKF060500
8. Gichana Collins Gichana Collins FKF018182
9. Hezborn Borura Hezborn Borura FKF033126
10. Hussein Mohammed Salim Hussein Mohammed Salim FKF043625
11. Magak Andrew Magak Andrew FKF024909
12. Magak Richard Magak Richard FKF024248
13. Makonjio Eric Makonjio Eric FKF024215
14. Matoke Samuel Matoke Samuel FKF024216
15. Mayani Nathan Mayani Nathan FKF016217
16. Monyancha Diuck Monyancha Diuck FKF026503
17. Morwani Brian Morwani Brian FKF060502
18. Nyabuti Nixson Nyabuti Nixson FKF024219
19. Ochieng Pascal Ochieng Pascal FKF007647
20. Odede Joshua Odede Joshua FKF007721
21. Odhiambo Phill Odhiambo Phill FKF060501
22. Odiwour Daniel Odiwour Daniel FKF026064
23. Ogembo Michael Ogembo Michael FKF024026
24. Okumu Lameck Okumu Lameck FKF007649
25. Oluoch Joseph Oluoch Joseph FKF026445
26. Omeka Johnpaul Omeka Johnpaul FKF047831
27. Omolo Joseph Omolo Joseph FKF060499
28. Omwenga Richard Omwenga Richard FKF060497
29. Ondieki Pius Ondieki Pius FKF007646
30. Onduso Devis Onduso Devis FKF037543
31. Onsinyo Isaac Onsinyo Isaac FKF038092
32. Onyango Alphonce Onyango Alphonce FKF060498
33. Onyango Gordon Onyango Gordon FKF060808
34. Onyiego Kevin Onyiego Kevin FKF007650
35. Onyiego Reuben Onyiego Reuben FKF034425
36. Otieno Enock Otieno Enock FKF060809
37. Otieno Wickliffe Otieno Wickliffe FKF007722
38. Otoigo Christopher Otoigo Christopher FKF024214
39. Ratemo Dennis Ratemo Dennis FKF008694
40. Sibwoga Felix Sibwoga Felix FKF007654
41. Tetia Didier Tetia Didier FKF047832
42. Yves Zadi Yves Zadi FKF060503

Hema Moja FC form

6 Won
5 Draws
7 Lost
21 Scored
27 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
5. Isibania FC Isibania FC 18 7 6 5 18:17 +1 27
6. Hema Moja FC Hema Moja FC 18 6 5 7 21:27 -6 23
7. Mibasi FC Mibasi FC 18 6 3 9 18:27 -9 21
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