Nyabururu Sportiff

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

Nyabururu Sportiff

Nyabururu Sportiff

Gusii Mosocho Academy

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1. Amusavi Khajilwa Victor Amusavi Khajilwa Victor FKF047942
2. Anyega Timothy Kironga Anyega Timothy Kironga FKF047937
3. Bingi Daniel Bingi Daniel FKF023764
4. Chanzu Gillen Amorage Chanzu Gillen Amorage FKF024847
5. Kibwese Nelson Kibwese Nelson FKF060523
6. Liech Maxwel Opiyo Liech Maxwel Opiyo FKF023761
7. Mariga Simon Sindiga Mariga Simon Sindiga FKF047811
8. Mecha Japhet Mecha Japhet FKF060518
9. Mekenye Raphael Achaka Mekenye Raphael Achaka FKF023763
10. Momanyi Adolphas Momanyi Adolphas FKF023755
11. Mose Joshua Mose Joshua FKF029369
12. Moseti Wilfred Mikaiya Moseti Wilfred Mikaiya FKF023688
13. Motachi Adams Atandi Motachi Adams Atandi FKF047947
14. Nyabaro Lashford Ayienda Nyabaro Lashford Ayienda FKF047940
15. Nyaboga Philip Nyaboga Philip FKF037556
16. Nyamoyio Ambrose Nyamoyio Ambrose FKF060520
17. Nyangau Makarius Nyangau Makarius FKF060519
18. Obwoge Brian Obwoge Brian FKF034426
19. Odongo Bairon Odongo Bairon FKF060522
20. Odongo Hillary Odongo Hillary FKF038034
21. Ogaro Marcus Bwana Ogaro Marcus Bwana FKF023753
22. Oira Dancan Oira Dancan FKF060521
23. Okeyo Simon Kibwese Okeyo Simon Kibwese FKF047945
24. Okwany Calisto Okwany Calisto FKF037559
25. Omae Jonathan Nyang'au Omae Jonathan Nyang'au FKF023747
26. Omwenga Bryan Omwenga Bryan FKF037555
27. Omwoyo Tairwa Nyangaresi Omwoyo Tairwa Nyangaresi FKF023722
28. Onderi Charles Ragira Onderi Charles Ragira FKF023754
29. Ongiri Silas Alfayo Ongiri Silas Alfayo FKF023750
30. Orangi Edwin Orangi Edwin FKF038039
31. Osoro Patrick Osoro Patrick FKF038036
32. Ososi Kokkanen Nyamochenga Ososi Kokkanen Nyamochenga FKF047946
33. Otieno Benjamin Arwa Otieno Benjamin Arwa FKF047943
34. Otuki Edwin Mireri Otuki Edwin Mireri FKF024848
35. Ragot Calvince Omondi Ragot Calvince Omondi FKF047944
36. Wanyonyi Samwel Wanjala Wanyonyi Samwel Wanjala FKF023757

Nyabururu Sportiff form

4 Won
3 Draws
11 Lost
24 Scored
42 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
8. White Hearts FC White Hearts FC 17 3 7 7 20:26 -6 16
9. Nyabururu Sportiff Nyabururu Sportiff 18 4 3 11 24:42 -18 15
10. Nyakango FC Nyakango FC 16 1 3 12 12:32 -20 6
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