Matchday policy

1.  Teams should be in the field of play one hour to kickoff time.

2.  Club officials should attend pre-match meetings one hour before kickoff time.

3.  Each team should present at least two playable balls before kickoff.

4.  Both teams should present their master cards, players cards, and TEAM LIST at checking time. Players license numbers and names should match the ones on TEAM LIST.

5.  Home teams should provide well marked playable field of play on time.

6.  In case of a uniform color clash, away team should change or they risk losing the match.

7.  Referees match fee is Ksh. 3,500 per match, which is paid by home team before kickoff during pre-match meeting. No transport refund for referees.


Administrative Issues

1.  A request to postpone a match should be done in writing at least 72 hours to kickoff time. The said request should state reasons supported by rules of soccer in Kenya.

2.  All appeals should reach the office within 72 hours accompanied with a fee of 5,000.

3.  Any protest should be written before kickoff time, signed by both teams and the referee. It should be attached to the referees match report.


Disciplinary Measures

1.  Three walkovers in the same season amounts to suspension from the league.

2.  A club that fields any ineligible player will lose the affected match(s). Disciplinary committee may impose other sanctions.

3.  The team that will cause any abandonment of the match will automatically loose the match. Disciplinary committee may impose further disciplinary action(s).



1.  Home teams should provide enough security for players, referees, coaches and spectators, before, during, and after the match. Security personnel should be uniformed for identification purpose.


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