Gucha Stars

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

Gucha Stars

Gucha Stars

Tendere Ground, Kisii

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1. Achochi Esborn Achochi Esborn FKF029429
2. Albright Miruka Albright Miruka FKF042910
3. Aminga Shadrack Aminga Shadrack FKF027027
4. Araka Justine Araka Justine FKF027022
5. Asiagi Isaac Asiagi Isaac FKF023992
6. Atancha Julius Atancha Julius FKF028719
7. Austine Otieno Austine Otieno FKF027038
8. Brian Onyango Brian Onyango FKF049040
9. Elijah Enock Elijah Enock FKF023998
10. Elvis Omondi Elvis Omondi FKF048795
11. Evans Omwenga Evans Omwenga FKF048790
12. Getui Joel Getui Joel FKF028012
13. Isaboke Benjamin Ayako Isaboke Benjamin Ayako FKF031727
14. Isoe Mathew Isoe Mathew FKF027023
15. Junior Derrick Junior Derrick FKF023997
16. Kaisa Anthony Kaisa Anthony FKF039548
17. Kwakha Charles Kwakha Charles FKF002764
18. Makori Joshua Makori Joshua FKF027037
19. Michira Alex Michira Alex FKF027043
20. Michira Richard Michira Richard FKF027041
21. Mochama Saidi Mochama Saidi FKF048417
22. Mogaka Abel Mogaka Abel FKF027031
23. Moimbo Ivan Moimbo Ivan FKF026991
24. Momanyi Abner Momanyi Abner FKF029386
25. Morang'a Michael Morang'a Michael FKF033957
26. Moranga Geoffrey Moranga Geoffrey FKF027042
27. Mosoti Benjamin Mosoti Benjamin FKF048329
28. Nchaga Francis Nchaga Francis FKF035804
29. Ngeno Peter Ngeno Peter FKF024232
30. Ngubo Nashon Ngubo Nashon FKF028319
31. Nyabuto Daniel Nyabuto Daniel FKF024017
32. Nyabuto Eric Nyabuto Eric FKF027197
33. Nyabuto George Nyabuto George FKF027033
34. Nyagaka Eugine Nyagaka Eugine FKF024134
35. Nyakundi Bonfance Nyakundi Bonfance FKF026300
36. Nyakundi Joseph Nyakundi Joseph FKF026510
37. Nyamweya Duke Nyamweya Duke FKF024039
38. Nyaundi Grisham Nyaundi Grisham FKF028720
39. Obure Davis Obure Davis FKF037619
40. Obwaka Ashif Obwaka Ashif FKF005063
41. Odhiambo Abraham Odhiambo Abraham FKF017699
42. Odiwuor Kevin Odiwuor Kevin FKF060140
43. Odongo Fred Odongo Fred FKF044121
44. Ogega Brian Ogega Brian FKF024738
45. Ogega Meshack Ogega Meshack FKF027034
46. Oino Zacharia Manani Oino Zacharia Manani FKF006161
47. Ondabu Raphael Ondabu Raphael FKF031762
48. Onsase Franklin Onsase Franklin FKF028011
49. Onyimbo Peter Onyimbo Peter FKF038052
50. Onywere Cliff Onywere Cliff FKF060141
51. Rori Enock Rori Enock FKF048754
52. Samson Justine Samson Justine FKF027026
53. Silvance Onyango Silvance Onyango FKF012666
54. Simeon Kenneth Simeon Kenneth FKF048414
55. Terrace Ouma Terrace Ouma FKF048796
56. Vincent Karori Vincent Karori FKF048888
57. Weldon Kibet Weldon Kibet FKF023788

Gucha Stars form

12 Won
4 Draws
2 Lost
41 Scored
14 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
1. Gucha Stars Gucha Stars 18 12 4 2 41:14 +27 40
2. Gucha Youth FC Gucha Youth FC 18 9 7 2 24:7 +17 34
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