White Hearts FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

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1. Achinga Bivon Nyatome Achinga Bivon Nyatome FKF047806
2. Asiago Loyd Asiago Loyd FKF036582
3. Gekene Nicholas Gekene Nicholas FKF023626
4. Gesora Frankline Moegi Gesora Frankline Moegi FKF047810
5. Gitaga Clinton Kasumba Gitaga Clinton Kasumba FKF047809
6. Karioki Benedict Araka Karioki Benedict Araka FKF060508
7. Keragori Abiud Keragori Abiud FKF023689
8. Khajilwa Hillary Khajilwa Hillary FKF023926
9. Kiplangat Benard Kiplangat Benard FKF023643
10. Machuka Patrik Machuka Patrik FKF023627
11. Maiteka Benjamin Magara Maiteka Benjamin Magara FKF060531
12. Mandela Wilson Nyaosi Mandela Wilson Nyaosi FKF060509
13. Mariga Simon Sindiga Mariga Simon Sindiga FKF047811
14. Mariita Lameck Mariita Lameck FKF023638
15. Marube Francis Kanana Marube Francis Kanana FKF047812
16. Mboga Antony Mboga Antony FKF060506
17. Momanyi Caleb Momanyi Caleb FKF024934
18. Mongeri Hesbon Omoga Mongeri Hesbon Omoga FKF060510
19. Mose Bob Mose Bob FKF023636
20. Mose Geoffrey Mose Geoffrey FKF023635
21. Ndege Bonface Ndege Bonface FKF024740
22. Ndege Edward Nyariki Ndege Edward Nyariki FKF047804
23. Nyaata Clinton Nyaata Clinton FKF023633
24. Nyabiage Douglas Nyabiage Douglas FKF023641
25. Nyaboga Amos Omete Nyaboga Amos Omete FKF049411
26. Nyamunte Bonface Nyamunte Bonface FKF023637
27. Ogendi Clinton Ogendi Clinton FKF023634
28. Okari Felix Nyaboga Okari Felix Nyaboga FKF047803
29. Ombongi Salim Ombongi Salim FKF036581
30. Ondeto Thomas Metobo Ondeto Thomas Metobo FKF047805
31. Ondicho Job Mogunde Ondicho Job Mogunde FKF060507
32. Onduso Paul Nyakundi Onduso Paul Nyakundi FKF060504
33. Ong'ang'a Abel Ong'ang'a Abel FKF023642
34. Oseko Julius Marambe Oseko Julius Marambe FKF004741
35. Osiemo Stephen Mose Osiemo Stephen Mose FKF037541
36. Othoo Nashon Ochieng Othoo Nashon Ochieng FKF060505
37. Otieno John Bradox Otieno John Bradox FKF047808
38. Ratemo Dennis Ratemo Dennis FKF023639
39. Ratemo Jared Ratemo Jared FKF023645
40. Situma Eugene Lwipa Situma Eugene Lwipa FKF047807

White Hearts FC form

L ? L L D L L D W L D D W D D D L W
3 Won
7 Draws
7 Lost
20 Scored
26 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
7. Mibasi FC Mibasi FC 18 6 3 9 18:27 -9 21
8. White Hearts FC White Hearts FC 17 3 7 7 20:26 -6 16
9. Nyabururu Sportiff Nyabururu Sportiff 18 4 3 11 24:42 -18 15
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