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All Fixtures and Results

Jul 13th (Sat)

Shiandiche FC Shiandiche FC 2 - 1 Musembe FC Musembe FC
Red Eagles FC Red Eagles FC(Lugari) 2 - 0 Kimolwet FC Kimolwet FC
Arusha FC
O.Small 54`yel 
Arusha FC 0 - 1 Wagai FC Wagai FC
goal65` F.Omondi, red88` H.Ochieng 
Ramula FC
M.Fredrick 77`yel 
Ramula FC 0 - 0 Masara FC Masara FC
Katito FC Katito FC 2 - 0


Ombeyi FC Ombeyi FC
Simbi FC
O.Brian 23`goal, O.Brian 53`yel 
Simbi FC 1 - 0 Nyatao FC Nyatao FC
Pawteng' FC
O.Victor 2`goal, O.John 13`goal, O.Mike 35`goal, O.Benedict 75`goal 
Pawteng' FC 4 - 0 Makindu United Makindu United
yel25` O.Wickliffe, yel44` O.George 
Nyadundo FC
O.Adrian 55`goal, O.Matasi 60`goal, O.Rubben 64`yel, O.Adrian 87`goal, O.Kenato 88`goal 
Nyadundo FC 4 - 0 Okwach FC Okwach FC
yel27` O.Peter 
Gul FC
O.Silas 78`goal, O.Jacob 90+2`yel 
Gul FC 1 - 0 Mikiria United Mikiria United
yel30` O.Titus 
Omanyi FC
O.Wickliffe 23`yel, O.Denis 34`yel 
Omanyi FC 0 - 0 Nyakunguru FC Nyakunguru FC
yel45+1` O.Veron, yel81` A.Leonard 
Kogwedhi FC Kogwedhi FC 1 - 1 Boya FC Boya FC
Ombaka United Ombaka United 2 - 0 Angoro FC Angoro FC
Bondo Kachola Bondo Kachola 1 - 2 Bafana Bafana(Nyando) Bafana Bafana

Jul 14th (Sun)

Sofapaka Sofapaka 1 - 0

Sofapaka remains in the FKF PL

Naivas Naivas
FC Sunday United
M.Nnuni goal, Joshua goal, Joshua goal 
FC Sunday United 3 - 1 Cobra FC Cobra FC
Hillstone FC
K.Enock 16`goal, K.Enock 21`goal, M.Joseph 39`yel 
Hillstone FC 2 - 0 Exceptional Africalla Exceptional Africalla
yel39` C.Dennis, yel89` O.Derrick 
Zamalek Riders FC Zamalek Riders FC 0 - 0 Bondeni FC(Khwisero) Bondeni FC
Bobaracho FC Bobaracho FC 2 - 2 Super Warriors Super Warriors
KRK FC KRK FC 0 - 0 Mosocho Combined FC Mosocho Combined FC
Mogonga FC Mogonga FC 2 - 2 Save Time Combined Save Time Combined


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