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Will Afraha Stadium Host the 2027 AFCON?

Let's take a journey at the new Afraha Stadium in Nakuru! We're giving you an inside look at the changes happening as it gets a makeover. From better seating area to  new features, this stadium is getting ready to wow sports fans like never before. Get ready to see Afraha Stadium like you've never seen it before!

Afraha Stadium as Ulinzi Stars Home

Ulinzi Stars is also facing challenges in Nairobi with their matches being held at the Ulinzi complex, prompting plans for a relocation to a newly renovated Afraha Stadium in Nakuru for their Kenya Premier League home fixtures. The team's struggles in Nairobi have led to the decision to seek a new home base, with hopes of better performance and support in Nakuru. A newly renovated Afraha Stadium will offer a fresh venue and potentially a more favorable environment for Ulinzi's games. The move signifies a strategic shift in the team's approach, emphasizing the importance of finding the right setting to thrive in the league. Overall, the relocation to Afraha Stadium will mark a pivotal moment for Ulinzi as they aim to revitalize their performance and fan base in a new location.


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