Isibania FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

Isibania FC

Isibania FC

Isibania Arena, Migori   |   Migori County


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1. Abdul Sharif Abdul Sharif FKF047827
2. Bakari William Bakari William FKF049465
3. Chacha Daniel Chacha Daniel FKF024729
4. Chacha Murimi Chacha Murimi FKF038033
5. Daniel Chacha Daniel Chacha FKF047817
6. Gisiri Enock Gisiri Enock FKF024732
7. Gori Ayubu Gori Ayubu FKF047824
8. Joephat Mahando Joephat Mahando FKF047815
9. John Duncan John Duncan FKF035801
10. Joseph Thomas Joseph Thomas FKF024727
11. Kennedy Chacha Kennedy Chacha FKF047818
12. Kiage Jared Kiage Jared FKF024639
13. Koroso Linus Koroso Linus FKF036497
14. Magembe Pastory Magembe Pastory FKF024724
15. Magige Slyvanus Magige Slyvanus FKF060135
16. Mahando Bernard Mahando Bernard FKF060138
17. Mahando Samuel Mahando Samuel FKF060137
18. Mahende Chamberi Mahende Chamberi FKF024642
19. Mahende William Mahende William FKF024638
20. Manga Stephine Manga Stephine FKF024932
21. Maroa Lucas Maroa Lucas FKF025455
22. Marwa Mohere Marwa Mohere FKF024725
23. Matiko Athanas Matiko Athanas FKF047826
24. Migera Makame Migera Makame FKF037540
25. Mnanka Valentino Mnanka Valentino FKF049464
26. Mogaya Paul Mogaya Paul FKF060139
27. Mokaya Kelvin Mokaya Kelvin FKF060134
28. Mugusuhi Bonface Mugusuhi Bonface FKF047822
29. Mukua Justine Mukua Justine FKF024640
30. Mureti Kens Mureti Kens FKF038032
31. Ngariba Charles Ngariba Charles FKF047821
32. Ngariba Kevin Ngariba Kevin FKF047823
33. Nyakiha Emanuel Nyakiha Emanuel FKF017790
34. Nyanga Ally Nyanga Ally FKF049453
35. Odongo Joshua Odongo Joshua FKF060055
36. Peter Erick Peter Erick FKF049463
37. Rimo Brian Rimo Brian FKF047825
38. Roman Elias Roman Elias FKF002006
39. Sarara Samini Sarara Samini FKF060136
40. Selia John Selia John FKF024641
41. Sendi Samwel Sendi Samwel FKF047814
42. Tito Elias Tito Elias FKF024734
43. Wangubo Nelson Wangubo Nelson FKF024733
44. Yusuf Moenga Yusuf Moenga FKF024728

Isibania FC form

7 Won
6 Draws
5 Lost
18 Scored
17 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
4. Oneno Nam FC Oneno Nam FC 18 9 2 7 30:25 +5 29
5. Isibania FC Isibania FC 18 7 6 5 18:17 +1 27
6. Hema Moja FC Hema Moja FC 18 6 5 7 21:27 -6 23
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