Gucha Youth FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

Gucha Youth FC

Gucha Youth FC

Sameta Ground, Kisii

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1. Brian Peter Brian Peter FKF024109
2. Elijah Enock Elijah Enock FKF023998
3. Herelius Camillus Herelius Camillus FKF040419
4. Koroso William Koroso William FKF024145
5. Mabene Moses Mabene Moses FKF024110
6. Makini Brian Makini Brian FKF023421
7. Makutu Bryan Makutu Bryan FKF009303
8. Masese Samuel Masese Samuel FKF024736
9. Masese Victor Masese Victor FKF023616
10. Matole Anthony Matole Anthony FKF038051
11. Matunda Pius Matunda Pius FKF024111
12. Mwamba Brian Mwamba Brian FKF048034
13. Mwamba Kevin Mwamba Kevin FKF023622
14. Nyakeri Finley Nyakeri Finley FKF024139
15. Nyambega Brian Nyambega Brian FKF060447
16. Nyandinka Samwel Nyandinka Samwel FKF036424
17. Ochoi Cyrus Ochoi Cyrus FKF024197
18. Odero Martin Odero Martin FKF026986
19. Ombasa Dorreck Ombasa Dorreck FKF024112
20. Ombati Brian Nyakundi Ombati Brian Nyakundi FKF023260
21. Omondi Duncan Omondi Duncan FKF024140
22. Omwancha Johnson Omwancha Johnson FKF024737
23. Omweri John Omweri John FKF024621
24. Onduso Raphael Onduso Raphael FKF060446
25. Ong'angi Wisley Ong'angi Wisley FKF024104
26. Oruru Zachary Oruru Zachary FKF023429
27. Pius Cyprian Pius Cyprian FKF024137
28. Shem Elvis Shem Elvis FKF024000
29. Sifa Alphonce Sifa Alphonce FKF042256

Gucha Youth FC form

8 Won
3 Draws
2 Lost
21 Scored
5 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone C

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
1. Gucha Stars Gucha S.. 14 9 3 2 35:14 +21 30
2. Gucha Youth FC Gucha Y.. 13 8 3 2 21:5 +16 27
3. Suna West United FC Suna We.. 13 7 3 3 19:13 +6 24
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