Gombe FC

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

Gombe FC

Gombe FC

Gombe Primary Sch, Alego   |   Siaya County

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1. Ambwa Shadrack Ambwa Shadrack FKF028281
2. Ayuoyi David Ayuoyi David FKF046870
3. Koyolo Erick Koyolo Erick FKF031432
4. Nyamwala Evans Onyango Nyamwala Evans Onyango FKF051682
5. Odhiambo Michael Ouma. Odhiambo Michael Ouma. FKF050804
6. Odongo Benson Odongo Benson FKF028285
7. Oduor Jerry Oduor Jerry FKF028278
8. Ogunde Dennis Ogunde Dennis FKF028511
9. Okoth Peterson Okoth Peterson FKF028743
10. Okwiri Jonathan Okwiri Jonathan FKF028508
11. Omondi Jacton Omondi Jacton FKF030220
12. Omonge Brian Omonge Brian FKF028696
13. Omuo Kelvin Omuo Kelvin FKF028746
14. Onyango Dennis Onyango Dennis FKF031105
15. Opondo John Onyango Opondo John Onyango FKF050412
16. Otieno Alvin Otieno Alvin FKF028745
17. Otieno Collins Otieno Collins FKF028750
18. Otieno Keffa Otieno Keffa FKF028279
19. Otieno Kevin Ouma Otieno Kevin Ouma FKF051681
20. Otieno Mourice Odhiambo Otieno Mourice Odhiambo FKF051680
21. Otieno Peter Leaky Otieno Peter Leaky FKF051678
22. Otoyo Austine Otoyo Austine FKF028749
23. Ouma Charles Obuya Ouma Charles Obuya FKF050499
24. Ouma Vincent John Ouma Vincent John FKF050384
25. Owiti Evans Owiti Evans FKF028751
26. Owuor Dennis Owuor Dennis FKF028274
27. Owuor Shadrack Owuor Shadrack FKF028644

Gombe FC form

4 Won
3 Draws
7 Lost
13 Scored
18 Conceded

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
11. Kasuna FC Kasuna FC 19 5 5 9 24:36 -12 20
12. Gombe FC Gombe FC 14 4 3 7 13:18 -5 15
13. Power Boys FC Power Boys FC 19 3 3 13 11:33 -22 12
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