Ramba Kanyamedha

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

Ramba Kanyamedha

Ramba Kanyamedha

Kodiaga Prison   |   Kisumu County

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1. Auko Derrick Ochieng Auko Derrick Ochieng FKF049759
2. Eshitera Kevin Eshitera Kevin FKF042829
3. Kose Isaac Okoth Kose Isaac Okoth FKF049893
4. Malawo Calistus Odhiambo Malawo Calistus Odhiambo FKF028686
5. Masulu Johnstone Orocho Masulu Johnstone Orocho FKF028759
6. Mwadime Stanley Mwadime Stanley FKF037459
7. Obinda Edmond Jarvis Obinda Edmond Jarvis FKF028641
8. Obura David Omondi Obura David Omondi FKF028683
9. Odhiambo Dayle Bill Odhiambo Dayle Bill FKF029089
10. Odhiambo Geofrey Ocheng Odhiambo Geofrey Ocheng FKF028695
11. Ogaya Christopher Otieno Ogaya Christopher Otieno FKF050088
12. Ogunga Byrone Ogunga Byrone FKF049760
13. Okoth Glen Okoth Glen FKF049761
14. Okoth Phabian Odhiambo Okoth Phabian Odhiambo FKF013890
15. Omollo Brian Omollo Brian FKF007541
16. Omollo Jeremiah Omollo Jeremiah FKF042820
17. Omondi Nicolas Onyango Omondi Nicolas Onyango FKF028757
18. Omulo Derick Omulo Derick FKF049762
19. Ondiek Charles Ochola Ondiek Charles Ochola FKF028647
20. Ondiek Lawrence Odhiambo Ondiek Lawrence Odhiambo FKF028693
21. Onditi Victor Opiyo Onditi Victor Opiyo FKF004539
22. Ondu Leonard Ondu Leonard FKF042821
23. Ongoro Antony Ochieng Ongoro Antony Ochieng FKF049894
24. Orwa Joseph Ochieng Orwa Joseph Ochieng FKF028692
25. Otieno Jack Gregory Otieno Jack Gregory FKF028752
26. Otieno Nicholas Otieno Nicholas FKF007380
27. Otieno Nicolas Ochieng Otieno Nicolas Ochieng FKF049763
28. Otieno Sam Onyango Otieno Sam Onyango FKF037146
29. Ouma Brian Odhiambo Ouma Brian Odhiambo FKF050089
30. Owino Samuel Ochieng Owino Samuel Ochieng FKF028679
31. Owino Vincent Ouma Owino Vincent Ouma FKF028758
32. Oyamo John Otieno Oyamo John Otieno FKF028753
33. Oyoti Francis Ondiko Oyoti Francis Ondiko FKF028755
34. Rowa Godfrey Ochieng Rowa Godfrey Ochieng FKF028634

Ramba Kanyamedha form

D L W D W ? W W W D W D W L W W W W D W
12 Won
5 Draws
2 Lost
41 Scored
18 Conceded

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
1. Ramba Kanyamedha Ramba Kanyamedha 19 12 5 2 41:18 +23 41
2. Kisian Rangers Kisian Rangers 18 12 3 3 27:11 +16 39
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