Kisian Rangers

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

Kisian Rangers

Kisian Rangers

Kisian Primary Sch

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1. Abayo Peter Omondi Abayo Peter Omondi FKF031101
2. Adundo Bosco Otieno Adundo Bosco Otieno FKF031096
3. Agola Barack Odhiambo Agola Barack Odhiambo FKF035938
4. Akong'o Victor Olwande Akong'o Victor Olwande FKF040735
5. Alai James Odingo Alai James Odingo FKF040734
6. Ali Shaban Ahmed Ali Shaban Ahmed FKF050213
7. Aluoch Flavius Aluoch Aluoch Flavius Aluoch FKF050265
8. Amolo Partrick Bodi Amolo Partrick Bodi FKF051583
9. Aringo Joab Aringo Joab FKF042806
10. Bwire Emmance Bwire Emmance FKF024607
11. Genga Phelemon Ogonda Genga Phelemon Ogonda FKF016547
12. Guda Hesbon Ochieng Guda Hesbon Ochieng FKF050011
13. Issiko Viane Issiko Viane FKF031327
14. Modi Felix Ouma Modi Felix Ouma FKF031329
15. Modi Lawrence Modi Lawrence FKF029068
16. Nyaoke Samuel Maurice Nyaoke Samuel Maurice FKF028186
17. Ochieng Richard Seda Ochieng Richard Seda FKF051582
18. Odhiambo Charles Odhiambo Charles FKF042804
19. Odindo Joseph Oduor Odindo Joseph Oduor FKF040736
20. Odongo Brighton Benea Wambuga Odongo Brighton Benea Wambuga FKF030217
21. Odoyo Samuel Awuor Odoyo Samuel Awuor FKF049886
22. Ogallo Phelix Omondi Ogallo Phelix Omondi FKF031095
23. Ojowa Walter Amos Ojowa Walter Amos FKF028633
24. Omondi Elly Omondi Elly FKF024590
25. Omondi George Brown Omondi George Brown FKF030215
26. Oriako Samuel Ochieng Oriako Samuel Ochieng FKF030218
27. Otieno Dancan Otieno Dancan FKF050012
28. Otieno Denis Owino Otieno Denis Owino FKF031331
29. Otieno Fredrick Aggrey Otieno Fredrick Aggrey FKF040733
30. Otieno Joram Otieno Joram FKF049890
31. Otieno Moses Ouma Otieno Moses Ouma FKF042805
32. Owade Harison Oluoch Owade Harison Oluoch FKF030860
33. Owuor Brian Odhiambo Owuor Brian Odhiambo FKF050016

Kisian Rangers form

10 Won
3 Draws
1 Lost
23 Scored
7 Conceded

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
1. Ramba Kanyamedha Ramba K.. 14 10 3 1 29:12 +17 33
2. Kisian Rangers Kisian .. 14 10 3 1 23:7 +16 33
3. Kisumu City Stars Kisumu .. 14 7 5 2 22:11 +11 26
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