Power Boys FC

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

Power Boys FC

Power Boys FC

Srilanka Grounds   |   Kisumu County

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1. Abongo Joseph Abuto Abongo Joseph Abuto FKF028706
2. Asireh Reagan Asireh Reagan FKF028895
3. Chacha Asman Chacha Asman FKF026983
4. Imbayi Brian Imbayi Brian FKF028791
5. Malowa George Omondi Malowa George Omondi FKF028783
6. Matanga Dancan Owino Matanga Dancan Owino FKF023847
7. Munyolo Ian Munyolo Ian FKF028795
8. Mwalo Ronny Otieno Mwalo Ronny Otieno FKF050317
9. Njura Kenneth Odhoambo Njura Kenneth Odhoambo FKF050291
10. Ochieng Antony Ochieng Antony FKF028788
11. Ochieng Austine Ochieng Austine FKF026984
12. Odera Movine Okoth Odera Movine Okoth FKF023831
13. Odhiambo Ben Odhiambo Ben FKF028793
14. Odhiambo Griffins Henry Odhiambo Griffins Henry FKF050381
15. Odhiambo Stephen Otieno Odhiambo Stephen Otieno FKF028043
16. Oduor Nicholas Otieno Oduor Nicholas Otieno FKF050210
17. Ogulo Sillah Akuku Ogulo Sillah Akuku FKF050211
18. Okiki Austine Okiki Austine FKF035819
19. Oloo William Oloo William FKF026987
20. Omondi Fleviance Ouma Omondi Fleviance Ouma FKF050244
21. Omoro Felix Omondi Omoro Felix Omondi FKF028794
22. Onuko Derick Onuko Derick FKF028894
23. Onyango Joseph Ochieng Onyango Joseph Ochieng FKF023842
24. Opicha Kevin Ochieng Opicha Kevin Ochieng FKF050245
25. Otieno Bernard Otieno Bernard FKF028785
26. Otieno Castro Otieno Castro FKF028576
27. Otieno Samuel Otieno Samuel FKF050380
28. Ouma Felix Otieno Ouma Felix Otieno FKF050707
29. Owino Leon Owino Leon FKF028792
30. Owino Stewart Odhiambo Owino Stewart Odhiambo FKF028661
31. Oyieke Alvince Oyieke Alvince FKF028790
32. Rodi Wilbrod Rodi Wilbrod FKF026985

Power Boys FC form

L D L L L ? W L W L L L L L L D L L W D
3 Won
3 Draws
13 Lost
11 Scored
33 Conceded

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
12. Gombe FC Gombe FC 14 4 3 7 13:18 -5 15
13. Power Boys FC Power Boys FC 19 3 3 13 11:33 -22 12
14. Ahero Rangers Ahero Rangers 18 1 8 9 10:28 -18 11
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