Ahero Rangers

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

Ahero Rangers

Ahero Rangers

Karanda Primary Sch   |   Kisumu County

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1. Akong'o Jerry Akong'o Jerry FKF050017
2. Auma Vonnicks Odhiambo Auma Vonnicks Odhiambo FKF050023
3. Nyamwaya Josephat Nyamwaya Josephat FKF028781
4. Ochieng Kevin Ochieng Kevin FKF050024
5. Ochieng Mark Ochieng Mark FKF028712
6. Odhiambo Joseph Ouma Odhiambo Joseph Ouma FKF028649
7. Odwar Ibrahim Ochieng Odwar Ibrahim Ochieng FKF050044
8. Okoth Denis Okoth Denis FKF050022
9. Okoth Peter Ochieng Okoth Peter Ochieng FKF050039
10. Okowe Joel Odingo Okowe Joel Odingo FKF028656
11. Olero Benard Olero Benard FKF031599
12. Olewe Valensky Olewe Valensky FKF028779
13. Oloo Victor Omondi Oloo Victor Omondi FKF028709
14. Ominde Felix Ochieng Ominde Felix Ochieng FKF028711
15. Omolo Silas Omondi Omolo Silas Omondi FKF050052
16. Orinde Philip Orinde Philip FKF028780
17. Otieno Alex Otieno Alex FKF050047
18. Otieno Cliffton Ochieng Otieno Cliffton Ochieng FKF050042
19. Otieno Dickens Ochieng Otieno Dickens Ochieng FKF031598
20. Otieno Jim Noel Otieno Jim Noel FKF050050
21. Otieno Moses Otieno Otieno Moses Otieno FKF028643
22. Ouko Nandi Robert Ouko Nandi Robert FKF028658
23. Ouma Steven Ouma Steven FKF050027
24. Waseka Elkana Waseka Elkana FKF050021
25. Wasonga Joseph Omondi Wasonga Joseph Omondi FKF050031

Ahero Rangers form

D D ? D D ? L L L W L D L D L L L D L D
1 Won
8 Draws
9 Lost
10 Scored
28 Conceded

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
13. Power Boys FC Power Boys FC 19 3 3 13 11:33 -22 12
14. Ahero Rangers Ahero Rangers 18 1 8 9 10:28 -18 11
15. Hafumbre FC Hafumbre FC 14 2 2 10 9:40 -31 8
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