Nakuru City Stars

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone B

Nakuru City Stars

Nakuru City Stars

Afraha Stadium Nakuru

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1. Abie Lueath Abie Lueath FKF017799
2. Agufana Alexander Agufana Alexander FKF032225
3. Andrew Wawire Andrew Wawire FKF017802
4. Atetwe Solomon Atetwe Solomon FKF017801
5. Beka Evans Beka Evans FKF007230
6. Bethwel Kipkemoi Bethwel Kipkemoi FKF049718
7. Bett Geofrey Bett Geofrey FKF007475
8. Dete Derrick Dete Derrick FKF024245
9. Fredrick Musidia Fredrick Musidia FKF023470
10. Job Okech Job Okech FKF023563
11. Joshua Emmanuel Joshua Emmanuel FKF035289
12. Kamau Joe Kamau Joe FKF000830
13. Kehodo Nelson Kehodo Nelson FKF023468
14. Kevin Otieno Kevin Otieno FKF017860
15. Kipng'eno Hudson Kipng'eno Hudson FKF056643
16. Lokol Ekitela Lokol Ekitela FKF048507
17. Masika Savio Ndemaki Masika Savio Ndemaki FKF003414
18. Mujumba Marvin Mujumba Marvin FKF002568
19. Mumia Thodeus Mumia Thodeus FKF023310
20. Mwangi Robert Mwangi Robert FKF023315
21. Nabutete Julius Nabutete Julius FKF007415
22. Nyongesa Wilberforce Nyongesa Wilberforce FKF004326
23. Obare Christopher Obare Christopher FKF014251
24. Obwoge Alex Nyamwaka Obwoge Alex Nyamwaka FKF003444
25. Odongo Owino Odongo Owino FKF049719
26. Okinyi Martin Oduor Okinyi Martin Oduor FKF004025
27. Omusionja Dennis Indimuli Omusionja Dennis Indimuli FKF045949
28. Ongaya Kelvin Ongaya Kelvin FKF056642
29. Oranga Robin Oranga Robin FKF013482
30. Oteri Bradford Oteri Bradford FKF024413
31. Otieno Eugine Otieno Eugine FKF045950
32. Otieno Felix Otieno Felix FKF031416
33. Simiyu Patrick Alex Simiyu Patrick Alex FKF030021
34. Soita Brian Soita Brian FKF030066
35. Stephen Odhiambo Stephen Odhiambo FKF049717
36. Wambaria Stephen Njoroge Wambaria Stephen Njoroge FKF003975
37. Wangombe Ellyshow Wangombe Ellyshow FKF029868
38. Wanjiku Stephen Wanjiku Stephen FKF007730
39. Wanyoike Henry Wanyoike Henry FKF014250
40. Wenani Edwin Wenani Edwin FKF003412
41. Wesonga Julius Wesonga Julius FKF035323
42. Yai Giir Yai Giir FKF048642

Nakuru City Stars form

5 Won
3 Draws
5 Lost
18 Scored
19 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone B

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
3. Nabore FC Nabore .. 12 6 2 4 24:18 +6 20
4. Nakuru City Stars Nakuru .. 13 5 3 5 18:19 -1 18
5. Marine FC Marine .. 12 4 5 3 16:18 -2 17
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