Shalimar FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone B

Shalimar FC

Shalimar FC

Loldia Primary Naivasha   |   Nakuru County

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1. Adan Rashid Boya Adan Rashid Boya FKF023930
2. Anyango Dickens Owino Anyango Dickens Owino FKF060346
3. Arem Kennedy Arem Kennedy FKF023896
4. Ayapan Lokato Ayapan Lokato FKF025210
5. Barasa Oscar Barasa Oscar FKF022845
6. Dickson Kahindi Dickson Kahindi FKF059798
7. Elimilim Joseph Elimilim Joseph FKF022983
8. Idewa Justus Idewa Justus FKF023890
9. Ileruk Leonard Ileruk Leonard FKF001363
10. Imujaro Paul Imujaro Paul FKF023786
11. Kamau Ken Kamau Ken FKF022847
12. Kibugi Njeri Joel Kibugi Njeri Joel FKF049178
13. Louren Emmanuel Louren Emmanuel FKF055265
14. Makolia Hamisi Makolia Hamisi FKF055266
15. Malimo Amos Malimo Amos FKF023898
16. Mukwani Edwin Mukwani Edwin FKF023886
17. Nakwa Wilson Nakwa Wilson FKF022844
18. Ngeno Edwin Ngeno Edwin FKF023579
19. Nyongesa Tonny Wafula Nyongesa Tonny Wafula FKF049102
20. Ochieng Denise Ochieng Denise FKF023895
21. Okore Ochieng David Okore Ochieng David FKF049107
22. Oloo Odhiambo Brian Oloo Odhiambo Brian FKF038399
23. Omondi Movini Owiti Omondi Movini Owiti FKF049101
24. Omondi Phidel Onyango Omondi Phidel Onyango FKF049103
25. Omula Tyson Omula Tyson FKF005722
26. Otieno Jabbes Otieno Jabbes FKF013136
27. Ouma Washington Ouma Washington FKF033148
28. Patrick Amani Patrick Amani FKF043767
29. Pinnya Otieno Tilen Pinnya Otieno Tilen FKF049109
30. Samuel Muuyi Sifuna Samuel Muuyi Sifuna FKF022852
31. Santos Rodgers Odhiambo Santos Rodgers Odhiambo FKF049110
32. Saruni Gabriel Saruni Gabriel FKF023897
33. Shole David Shole David FKF014022
34. Simiyu Barasa Simiyu Barasa FKF023887
35. Tawa Samuel Khaemba Tawa Samuel Khaemba FKF049105
36. Wabwile Wanjala Wabwile Wanjala FKF025211
37. Wafula Fred Wangila Wafula Fred Wangila FKF023929
38. Wakhungu Ben Wakhungu Ben FKF005711

Shalimar FC form

12 Won
3 Draws
2 Lost
24 Scored
8 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone B

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
1. Kapkatet Youth FC(Kericho) Kapkatet Youth FC 17 13 1 3 36:12 +24 40
2. Shalimar FC Shalimar FC 17 12 3 2 24:8 +16 39
3. Nakuru City Stars Nakuru City Stars 17 7 5 5 22:21 +1 26
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