Amani Youth

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

Amani Youth

Amani Youth

Kunya Primary, Kisumu   |   Kisumu County

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1. Anjimbi Brian Fanwel Anjimbi Brian Fanwel FKF060101
2. Awili Joseph Awili Joseph FKF060098
3. Bonyo Denis Jawa Bonyo Denis Jawa FKF024089
4. Fabian Ofindo Fabian Ofindo FKF017875
5. Hassan Yusuf Ali Hassan Yusuf Ali FKF023463
6. Idris Salim Idris Salim FKF048152
7. Inzeyi Levis Mokonyi Inzeyi Levis Mokonyi FKF060106
8. Kura Roswel Kura Roswel FKF022923
9. Ligavo Ignatius Ligavo Ignatius FKF035602
10. Makatiani David Khamisi Makatiani David Khamisi FKF060092
11. Menya Nicholas Otieno Menya Nicholas Otieno FKF023439
12. Ndege Chrisphine Oluoch Ndege Chrisphine Oluoch FKF060107
13. Nyariera Paul Journet Nyariera Paul Journet FKF047991
14. Nyateng Muzammil Omondi Nyateng Muzammil Omondi FKF023858
15. Obura Alfred Otieno Obura Alfred Otieno FKF060102
16. Ochieng Ambrose Ochieng Ambrose FKF048434
17. Ochieng Blare Oduor Ochieng Blare Oduor FKF031091
18. Ochieng Fidel Castro Otieno Ochieng Fidel Castro Otieno FKF047990
19. Odhiambo Moses Oballa Odhiambo Moses Oballa FKF023500
20. Odhiambo Peter Omondi Odhiambo Peter Omondi FKF060095
21. Odoyo Octovianus Onmondi Odoyo Octovianus Onmondi FKF035600
22. Ogonya Allan Abira Ogonya Allan Abira FKF023552
23. Ogonya Boaz Ochieng Ogonya Boaz Ochieng FKF026583
24. Oiki Vincent Oulo Oiki Vincent Oulo FKF060104
25. Okoth Amos Ochieng Okoth Amos Ochieng FKF023553
26. Okuta Stephen Omondi Okuta Stephen Omondi FKF023551
27. Oloo Brian Ochieng Oloo Brian Ochieng FKF023514
28. Omondi Brian Omondi Brian FKF047992
29. Omondi Felix Omondi Felix FKF048030
30. Omondi Felix Christopher Omondi Felix Christopher FKF048032
31. Onyango Ronny Onyango Ronny FKF032615
32. Onyango Samuel Odero Onyango Samuel Odero FKF048435
33. Onyango Wyclife Onyango Onyango Wyclife Onyango FKF023488
34. Otieno Collins Ouma Otieno Collins Ouma FKF023794
35. Otieno Derrick Okoth Otieno Derrick Okoth FKF028288
36. Otieno Fidel Castro Otieno Fidel Castro FKF031353
37. Otieno Joseph Odhiambo Otieno Joseph Odhiambo FKF023546
38. Otieno Odhiambo Ernes Otieno Odhiambo Ernes FKF023499
39. Otondi Brian Otondi Brian FKF009336
40. Ouma Mark Ochieng Ouma Mark Ochieng FKF048031

Amani Youth form

11 Won
0 Draws
4 Lost
25 Scored
16 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
1. Amani Youth Amani Youth 15 11 0 4 25:16 +9 33
2. TBM Health FC TBM Health FC 16 9 5 2 28:16 +12 32
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