Team Kibos FC

National Division II 2022/2023 Central Zone C

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1. Aoko James Otieno Aoko James Otieno FKF026598
2. Kiptoo Reuben Kiptoo Reuben FKF036496
3. Mulemi Oliver Mulemi Oliver FKF026594
4. Nyagrowa Festovela Ouma Nyagrowa Festovela Ouma FKF026600
5. Nyaoke Cliff Ochieng Nyaoke Cliff Ochieng FKF026593
6. Ochola Brian Ochieng Ochola Brian Ochieng FKF026601
7. Oginga Hillary Elvis Ochieng Oginga Hillary Elvis Ochieng FKF026596
8. Ogonya Allan Abira Ogonya Allan Abira FKF023552
9. Ogonya Bernard Ouma Ogonya Bernard Ouma FKF026591
10. Ogonya Boaz Ochieng Ogonya Boaz Ochieng FKF026583
11. Ogutu Nevin Sule Ogutu Nevin Sule FKF026585
12. Ojany Bernard Ochieng Ojany Bernard Ochieng FKF026590
13. Omondi Felix Omondi Omondi Felix Omondi FKF026595
14. Omondi Henry Omondi Henry FKF036607
15. Opiyo Benjamin Okoth Opiyo Benjamin Okoth FKF026584
16. Opondo Joshua Adongo Opondo Joshua Adongo FKF036608
17. Otieno Derrick Okoth Otieno Derrick Okoth FKF028288
18. Otieno Fredrick Otieno Otieno Fredrick Otieno FKF026599
19. Otieno Hillary Nandi Otieno Hillary Nandi FKF026597
20. Owino Evans Owino Evans FKF018736
21. Oyende Kennedy Ochieng Oyende Kennedy Ochieng FKF026592

Team Kibos FC form

5 Won
1 Draws
3 Lost
12 Scored
7 Conceded

National Division II 2022/2023 Central Zone C

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
6. Kisumu Green Berets Kisumu Green Berets 16 6 3 7 21:17 +4 21
7. Team Kibos FC Team Kibos FC 9 5 1 3 12:7 +5 16
8. Hema Moja FC Hema Moja FC 15 4 2 9 11:18 -7 14
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