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Nakuru Wazee Premier League 2024

Nakuru Wazee

Nakuru Wazee

Afraha High Sch   |   Nakuru County

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1. Abuor Dalmas Odhiambo Abuor Dalmas Odhiambo WPL129
2. Amakobe Daniel Jeff Manyasa Amakobe Daniel Jeff Manyasa WPL162
3. Apoko Douglas Abuya Apoko Douglas Abuya WPL140
4. Baba Denis Sikhayi Baba Denis Sikhayi WPL441
5. Barasa Eugene Simiyu Barasa Eugene Simiyu WPL313
6. Bekondo Scott Ako Bekondo Scott Ako WPL486
7. Bush Joe Bushuru Bush Joe Bushuru WPL371
8. Chepe Robert Muchelle Chepe Robert Muchelle WPL134
9. Cherry Gilbert Kipkoech Cherry Gilbert Kipkoech WPL199
10. Denver Enos Otieno Denver Enos Otieno WPL165
11. Gachii Anthony Ng'ang'a Gachii Anthony Ng'ang'a WPL128
12. Gichigai Simon Njuguna Gichigai Simon Njuguna WPL392
13. Gitau Samson Mathu Gitau Samson Mathu WPL485
14. Justo Dr. Justine Oguta Justo Dr. Justine Oguta WPL133
15. Kamau George Ndichu Kamau George Ndichu WPL322
16. Kamura John Kamura Kamura John Kamura WPL161
17. Kithuka George Makau Kithuka George Makau WPL136
18. Macharia Harrison Mario Macharia Harrison Mario WPL130
19. Magoiga Juma Mbusiro Magoiga Juma Mbusiro WPL413
20. Mtoto George Harrison Mtoto George Harrison WPL354
21. Mudanya Nelson Chadamba Mudanya Nelson Chadamba WPL372
22. Munyasa Stanlaus Akuya Munyasa Stanlaus Akuya WPL171
23. Murela Johnstone Harmony Murela Johnstone Harmony WPL312
24. Mwangi Anthony Ng'ang'a Mwangi Anthony Ng'ang'a WPL164
25. Mwangi Bernard Macharia Mwangi Bernard Macharia WPL137
26. Mwangi Isaac Mambo Mwangi Isaac Mambo WPL172
27. Mwangi Stephen Kariuki Mwangi Stephen Kariuki WPL163
28. Ndumba Esau Kinyanjui Ndumba Esau Kinyanjui WPL131
29. Ndung'u Geoffrey Njuguna Ndung'u Geoffrey Njuguna WPL154
30. Ngunjiri Anthony Ndiritu Ngunjiri Anthony Ndiritu WPL355
31. Njeri Simon Kagiri Njeri Simon Kagiri WPL323
32. Nyamamu Isaiah Omondi Nyamamu Isaiah Omondi WPL374
33. Obayi William Odunga Obayi William Odunga WPL521
34. Obonyo Edmond Omungi Obonyo Edmond Omungi WPL157
35. Odhiambo Allan Victor Odhiambo Allan Victor WPL132
36. Odo Maurice Odongo Odo Maurice Odongo WPL156
37. Oduor Manfred Muga Oduor Manfred Muga WPL393
38. Okwayo Calvin Onyango Okwayo Calvin Onyango WPL269
39. Oluoch Evans Omondi Oluoch Evans Omondi WPL394
40. Ominde Joshua Otieno Ominde Joshua Otieno WPL369
41. Omusore Edward Suya Omusore Edward Suya WPL314
42. Oranga Stephen Ochieng Oranga Stephen Ochieng WPL155
43. Otiende Ezekiel Mukiza Otiende Ezekiel Mukiza WPL139
44. Otieno Chris Siaji Otieno Chris Siaji WPL135
45. Otieno Collins Oduor Otieno Collins Oduor WPL173
46. Otieno Jonathan Kobe Otieno Jonathan Kobe WPL138
47. Quarshie Sammy Amoah Quarshie Sammy Amoah WPL370
48. Seda David Seda Seda David Seda WPL395
49. Sikhayi Stephen Onyango Sikhayi Stephen Onyango WPL160
50. Super Omweno O.davies Super Omweno O.davies WPL126
51. Wairobi James Ngatia Wairobi James Ngatia WPL315

Nakuru Wazee form

6 Won
5 Draws
2 Lost
31 Scored
16 Conceded

Nakuru Wazee Premier League 2024

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
1. Club X Club X 13 7 3 3 25:15 +10 24
2. Nakuru Wazee Nakuru Wazee 13 6 5 2 31:16 +15 23
3. Senators FC Senators FC 13 6 4 3 27:17 +10 22
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