Mwenge Vetos

Nakuru Wazee Premier League 2024

Mwenge Vetos

Mwenge Vetos

Kisulisuli Grounds   |   Nakuru County


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1. Aggrey Moses Atelo Aggrey Moses Atelo WPL473
2. Amianda Benson Atoni Amianda Benson Atoni WPL255
3. Asuba Emmanuel Suri Asuba Emmanuel Suri WPL248
4. Atelo James Ambita Atelo James Ambita WPL257
5. Dogo Ali Kachu Dogo Ali Kachu WPL565
6. Eboya Barnabas Ameka Eboya Barnabas Ameka WPL419
7. Hashim Omar Juma Hashim Omar Juma WPL475
8. Kasamba Mohammed Mbuthia Kasamba Mohammed Mbuthia WPL517
9. Kinuthia Michael Kinuthia Michael WPL561
10. Koskei Ali Kiplang'at Koskei Ali Kiplang'at WPL271
11. Kuya James Eri Kuya James Eri WPL495
12. Langat Hassan Hussein Langat Hassan Hussein WPL447
13. Mayaka Richard Obwogi Mayaka Richard Obwogi WPL494
14. Moita Christopher Robert Moita Christopher Robert WPL249
15. Motuko Asman Kombo Motuko Asman Kombo WPL300
16. Mulei Marvin Mulwa Mulei Marvin Mulwa WPL301
17. Mungai Raphael Rono Mungai Raphael Rono WPL254
18. Naomi David Macharia Naomi David Macharia WPL246
19. Ngere Peter Njoroge Ngere Peter Njoroge WPL258
20. Njenga Stephen Njoroge Njenga Stephen Njoroge WPL562
21. Njoki Samwel Kabera Njoki Samwel Kabera WPL420
22. Ochieng Adonijah Ngure Ochieng Adonijah Ngure WPL351
23. Odera Cosmas Okoth Odera Cosmas Okoth WPL566
24. Odhiambo Kevin Okoth Odhiambo Kevin Okoth WPL474
25. Odongo Daniel Oloo Odongo Daniel Oloo WPL299
26. Oduor Eric Omondi Oduor Eric Omondi WPL438
27. Ombati Dennis Magangi Ombati Dennis Magangi WPL307
28. Omusula George Omulando Omusula George Omulando WPL439
29. Onno Lucas Onguramuge Onno Lucas Onguramuge WPL260
30. Opaka Collins Otieno Opaka Collins Otieno WPL564
31. Rono Nuh Juma Rono Nuh Juma WPL256
32. Siwa Teddy Omondi Siwa Teddy Omondi WPL252
33. Thaa Josiah Njoroge Thaa Josiah Njoroge WPL560
34. Wafula Peter Wekesa Wafula Peter Wekesa WPL350
35. Wahome Samwel Wahome Samwel WPL295
36. Wambui Benson Karuku Wambui Benson Karuku WPL570
37. Washington Arthur Ongaro Washington Arthur Ongaro WPL336

Mwenge Vetos form

8 Won
5 Draws
5 Lost
44 Scored
34 Conceded

Nakuru Wazee Premier League 2024

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
4. Senators FC Senators FC 17 9 4 4 36:20 +16 31
5. Mwenge Vetos Mwenge Vetos 18 8 5 5 44:34 +10 29
6. FC Diamond FC Diamond 18 9 2 7 41:31 +10 29
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