Small Simba

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

Small Simba

Small Simba

Maroo Stadium, Kisii

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1. Angasa Douglas Angasa Douglas FKF024626
2. Ayieko Martin Ayieko Martin FKF047845
3. Ayieko Vincent Ayieko Vincent FKF024630
4. Juma Jusper Juma Jusper FKF024619
5. Mauti Neymar Mauti Neymar FKF024632
6. Migiro Josephat Migiro Josephat FKF047854
7. Miyienda Calvin Miyienda Calvin FKF023404
8. Ng'ang'a Kelvin Ng'ang'a Kelvin FKF000824
9. Nyabuto Kepha Nyabuto Kepha FKF060528
10. Nyabuto Kevin Nyabuto Kevin FKF024612
11. Nyabuto Victor Nyabuto Victor FKF024637
12. Nyabuto William Nyabuto William FKF060530
13. Nyambaso Isaac Nyambaso Isaac FKF047857
14. Nyamboki Anagred Motondi Nyamboki Anagred Motondi FKF050006
15. Nyamwaka Julius Nyamwaka Julius FKF024628
16. Nyamweya Duke Nyamweya Duke FKF024039
17. Nyaundi Dauglas Nyaundi Dauglas FKF003838
18. Ochieng Collins Ochieng Collins FKF024615
19. Ochieng Regan Ochieng Regan FKF000678
20. Ochola Elvis Ochola Elvis FKF048169
21. Odhiambo Dancan Odhiambo Dancan FKF047856
22. Oino Kennedy Oino Kennedy FKF024631
23. Okenagwa Brian Okenagwa Brian FKF037612
24. Okeng'o Peter Okeng'o Peter FKF060527
25. Okoth Wycliffe Okoth Wycliffe FKF048166
26. Omoga Feisal Omoga Feisal FKF024636
27. Omwando Mboma Omwando Mboma FKF047846
28. Omweri John Omweri John FKF024621
29. Ooko Lawrence Ooko Lawrence FKF023866
30. Osoro Lameck Osoro Lameck FKF048168
31. Otieno Geofrey Otieno Geofrey FKF024617
32. Otunga Stanley Otunga Stanley FKF047844
33. Owiti Shem Owiti Shem FKF048167
34. Peter Kelvin Peter Kelvin FKF060529
35. Richard Omweri Richard Omweri FKF060526
36. Tinega Benjamin Tinega Benjamin FKF047847
37. Victor Ogutu Victor Ogutu FKF038082
38. William Rashid William Rashid FKF047855

Small Simba form

5 Won
4 Draws
6 Lost
18 Scored
17 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
7. Manyatta United FC Manyatta United FC 17 6 2 9 20:25 -5 20
8. Small Simba Small Simba 15 5 4 6 18:17 +1 19
9. Ayucha FC Ayucha FC 15 5 3 7 14:15 -1 18
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