Nyamira Super Eagles

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

Nyamira Super Eagles

Nyamira Super Eagles

Nyamira Primary Sch   |   Nyamira County


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1. Abuta Phanton Abuta Phanton FKF047986
2. Bikani Titus Bikani Titus FKF023696
3. Brian John Brian John FKF022990
4. Gitangwa Erick Gitangwa Erick FKF037600
5. Kampala Thomas Kampala Thomas FKF048055
6. Magaki Meshack Magaki Meshack FKF002024
7. Mageto Fredrick Mageto Fredrick FKF007653
8. Magori Leonaldo Ondieki Magori Leonaldo Ondieki FKF060008
9. Makori Bowel Makori Bowel FKF047985
10. Makori Vincent Makori Vincent FKF038147
11. Maoya Bevon Maoya Bevon FKF059796
12. Marenya Enock Marenya Enock FKF023009
13. Mingeyi Mark Ochieng Mingeyi Mark Ochieng FKF048327
14. Mohamed David Mohamed David FKF023695
15. Mokaya Robert Mokaya Robert FKF023024
16. Mokua Calvin Mogoa Mokua Calvin Mogoa FKF059797
17. Momany Brian Momany Brian FKF023010
18. Mong'are Dennis Mong'are Dennis FKF023012
19. Mongare Dennis Mongare Dennis FKF014601
20. Morara Victor Onsombi Morara Victor Onsombi FKF059794
21. Nyaboga Philip Nyaboga Philip FKF037556
22. Nyabuto Elijah Nyabuto Elijah FKF023008
23. Nyachieng'a Malack Nyachieng'a Malack FKF023020
24. Nyamasege Calvin Nyamasege Calvin FKF047987
25. Nyang'au Jephitha Nyang'au Jephitha FKF023330
26. Nyang'au Kevin Nyang'au Kevin FKF023019
27. Ocharo James Ocharo James FKF023013
28. Odhiambo John Odhiambo John FKF047988
29. Odhiambo Jonathan Kobe Odhiambo Jonathan Kobe FKF059795
30. Ogola Austine Ogola Austine FKF048028
31. Ogoti James Ogoti James FKF007850
32. Ogutu Michael Ogutu Michael FKF048328
33. Oino Kennedy Oino Kennedy FKF024631
34. Okun Shayshan Okun Shayshan FKF048029
35. Omasire Emmanuel Omasire Emmanuel FKF023540
36. Ondieki Clifford Ondieki Clifford FKF037599
37. Ongaki Jones Ongaki Jones FKF033014
38. Onsongo Vincent Onsongo Vincent FKF014267
39. Onyari Brain Onyari Brain FKF028930
40. Ooko Fredrick Otieno Ooko Fredrick Otieno FKF048433
41. Oonge Duke Oonge Duke FKF023011
42. Orang'o Joash Michieka Orang'o Joash Michieka FKF059793
43. Osumo Brian Osumo Brian FKF023014
44. Otiso Obed Otiso Obed FKF023030
45. Rogito Collins Rogito Collins FKF028703
46. Tai Fred Tai Fred FKF023015
47. Wachira Allan Wachira Allan FKF005322

Nyamira Super Eagles form

11 Won
4 Draws
5 Lost
25 Scored
13 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
3. Bomachoge Borabu FC Bomachoge Borabu FC 20 12 3 5 30:21 +9 39
4. Nyamira Super Eagles Nyamira Super Eagles 20 11 4 5 25:13 +12 37
5. Small Simba Small Simba 20 9 4 7 27:20 +7 31
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