Ayucha FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

Ayucha FC

Ayucha FC

Ayucha Pri School, Kisumu   |   Kisumu County

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1. Adongo Kevin Otieno Adongo Kevin Otieno FKF023860
2. Ayodo Harun Omondi Ayodo Harun Omondi FKF023561
3. Jolendo Alfred Ochieng' Jolendo Alfred Ochieng' FKF060590
4. Magenga Isaiah Magenga Magenga Isaiah Magenga FKF060600
5. Mango Kenneth Mango Kenneth FKF023993
6. Martin Opiyo Okoth Martin Opiyo Okoth FKF038038
7. Nyateko Erick Ooko Nyateko Erick Ooko FKF022981
8. Obongo George Otieno Obongo George Otieno FKF023766
9. Obora Fred Odongo Obora Fred Odongo FKF060595
10. Ochieng Wycliffe Moses Ochieng Wycliffe Moses FKF060598
11. Ocholla Brian Rangi Ocholla Brian Rangi FKF023859
12. Odhiambo Churchill Odhiambo Odhiambo Churchill Odhiambo FKF023608
13. Odira Kevin Omondi Odira Kevin Omondi FKF023559
14. Odongo Jacob Odongo Jacob FKF023614
15. Oginga Tony Blair Oginga Tony Blair FKF037597
16. Ogonda Caleb Otieno Ogonda Caleb Otieno FKF023603
17. Ogutu Michael Ogutu Ogutu Michael Ogutu FKF060597
18. Okeyo Henry Onyango Okeyo Henry Onyango FKF047982
19. Okoth Wyclif Otieno Okoth Wyclif Otieno FKF047978
20. Oluoch Geoffrey Omondi Oluoch Geoffrey Omondi FKF060601
21. Ombaka Humphrey Wade Ombaka Humphrey Wade FKF037595
22. Omondi Jahn Fredrickson Omondi Jahn Fredrickson FKF023558
23. Omondi Victor Odongo Omondi Victor Odongo FKF023598
24. Omoro Peterson Ochieng Omoro Peterson Ochieng FKF023560
25. Omuya Brighton Omondi Omuya Brighton Omondi FKF023607
26. Onyango Clifford Odhiambo Onyango Clifford Odhiambo FKF048432
27. Onyango Mike Oluoch Onyango Mike Oluoch FKF023606
28. Onyango Roy Owiti Onyango Roy Owiti FKF054096
29. Otemi Wilberforce Wafula Otemi Wilberforce Wafula FKF060599
30. Otieno Cliff James Odhiambo Otieno Cliff James Odhiambo FKF060593
31. Otieno Evans Odero Otieno Evans Odero FKF023605
32. Otieno Kennedy Okoth Otieno Kennedy Okoth FKF049179
33. Otieno Michael Opiyo Otieno Michael Opiyo FKF023611
34. Otieno Wycliffe Otieno Wycliffe FKF014246
35. Ouma Nicholas Omondi Ouma Nicholas Omondi FKF023562
36. Owiti Justus Ochieng Owiti Justus Ochieng FKF022980
37. Oyowe Bryton Ochola Oyowe Bryton Ochola FKF047979
38. Zakaria Wagah Odongo Zakaria Wagah Odongo FKF047981

Ayucha FC form

5 Won
3 Draws
7 Lost
14 Scored
15 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
6. Small Simba Small S.. 14 5 4 5 17:15 +2 19
7. Ayucha FC Ayucha .. 15 5 3 7 14:15 -1 18
8. Moruga FC Moruga .. 16 5 3 8 19:22 -3 18
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