Manyatta United FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

Manyatta United FC

Manyatta United FC

Moi Stadium, Kisumu   |   Kisumu County

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1. Amwoyo John Amwoyo John FKF002063
2. Atwoto Fredrick Atwoto Fredrick FKF047843
3. Bichanga Enock Bruno Bichanga Enock Bruno FKF047976
4. Habib Rahim Sama Habib Rahim Sama FKF025901
5. James Opanga James Opanga FKF028663
6. Jomo John Omondi Jomo John Omondi FKF022279
7. Maina Fredrick Maina Maina Fredrick Maina FKF024023
8. Mariga Fred Mariga Fred FKF007387
9. Maximous Bisada Maximous Bisada FKF018393
10. Mboya Austine Mboya Austine FKF048420
11. Mboya Frank Omondi Mboya Frank Omondi FKF023924
12. Mumbo Arthur Waore Mumbo Arthur Waore FKF023844
13. Nalo Brian Oduor Nalo Brian Oduor FKF024149
14. Ngui Sammy Munyoki Ngui Sammy Munyoki FKF060559
15. Nyagwa Brian Nyagwa Brian FKF047841
16. Nyamweya Frank Kenyuri Nyamweya Frank Kenyuri FKF023840
17. Ochanda James Ochanda Ochanda James Ochanda FKF024038
18. Ochieku James Keroro Ochieku James Keroro FKF024064
19. Ochieng Herick Ochieng Herick FKF049330
20. Ochola Samuel Barican Ochola Samuel Barican FKF060560
21. Odhiambo Austin Odhiambo Odhiambo Austin Odhiambo FKF024141
22. Odhiambo Charles Owidi Odhiambo Charles Owidi FKF023827
23. Odhiambo Moses Odhiambo Moses FKF016297
24. Odhiambo Stephen Otieno Odhiambo Stephen Otieno FKF023838
25. Odira Kevin Ouma Odira Kevin Ouma FKF047842
26. Odiwuor Brian Odiwuor Brian FKF048330
27. Odongo George Odongo George FKF002585
28. Oguma Benjamin Oguma Benjamin FKF047974
29. Ogutu Christian Sanya Ogutu Christian Sanya FKF048425
30. Ojiem Ouma Samson Ojiem Ouma Samson FKF060555
31. Okoth Brian Rombe Okoth Brian Rombe FKF024011
32. Oluoch Byron Ochieng Oluoch Byron Ochieng FKF023837
33. Oluoch Dancan Odhiambo Oluoch Dancan Odhiambo FKF026447
34. Oluoch John Rambo Oluoch John Rambo FKF060557
35. Omam Joshua Olol Omam Joshua Olol FKF023853
36. Omondi Steven Omondi Steven FKF018820
37. Onyango ??? Onyango ??? FKF048422
38. Onyango Austine Onyango Austine FKF048337
39. Onyango Victor Ochieng Onyango Victor Ochieng FKF060552
40. Opuro Wycliffe Onyango Opuro Wycliffe Onyango FKF024029
41. Oreri Dismas Oyomo Oreri Dismas Oyomo FKF028101
42. Oriedo Brian Oriedo Brian FKF001279
43. Otieno Godwill Otieno Godwill FKF048423
44. Otieno Kevin Otieno Kevin FKF047977
45. Otieno Michael Okoth Otieno Michael Okoth FKF024019
46. Owino Brian Owino Brian FKF024032
47. Owino Emmanuel Owino Emmanuel FKF049329
48. Ramogi Paul Okeyo Ramogi Paul Okeyo FKF024033
49. Riziki Kioko Riziki Kioko FKF047840
50. Yongo Samson Otieno Yongo Samson Otieno FKF023793

Manyatta United FC form

5 Won
2 Draws
9 Lost
18 Scored
24 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
8. Moruga FC Moruga .. 16 5 3 8 19:22 -3 18
9. Manyatta United FC Manyatt.. 16 5 2 9 18:24 -6 17
10. Simba FC (Kisumu) Simba FC 15 4 1 10 12:26 -14 13
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