TBM Health FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

TBM Health FC

TBM Health FC

Chiga Primary, Kisumu   |   Kisumu County


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1. Abdala Mohammed Abdala Mohammed FKF007550
2. Akumu Deno Dennis Akumu Deno Dennis FKF024592
3. Aloo John Omondi Aloo John Omondi FKF048454
4. Athman Ali Ibrahim Athman Ali Ibrahim FKF021914
5. Awino John Otieno Awino John Otieno FKF023994
6. Boro Marvin Boro Marvin FKF037591
7. Fundi John Fundi John FKF007866
8. Hamza Abdulkadir Hamza Abdulkadir FKF005922
9. John Owino Johnte John Owino Johnte FKF024588
10. Kilimmo Stephen Kitum Kilimmo Stephen Kitum FKF048446
11. Mbandu Elly Makwata Mbandu Elly Makwata FKF023433
12. Mboya Silva Odhiambo Mboya Silva Odhiambo FKF028102
13. Mnanka Valentino Mnanka Valentino FKF049464
14. Mzee Ismail Mzee Ismail FKF007142
15. Ochieng Fabian Ochieng Ochieng Fabian Ochieng FKF048452
16. Ochieng Gilbert Ochieng Ochieng Gilbert Ochieng FKF048456
17. Odiwuor Maxwell Odiwuor Maxwell FKF049213
18. Ogutu Patrick Omondi Ogutu Patrick Omondi FKF048455
19. Okello Alkaman Odhiambo Okello Alkaman Odhiambo FKF024593
20. Omondi Emmanuel Otieno Omondi Emmanuel Otieno FKF024025
21. Omondi Washington Omondi Washington FKF018446
22. Omwa Charles Otieno Omwa Charles Otieno FKF048453
23. Ongoye Mourice Ongoye Mourice FKF016896
24. Onyango Anwin Onyango Anwin FKF023577
25. Onyango David Otieno Onyango David Otieno FKF048448
26. Onyango Victor Omondi Onyango Victor Omondi FKF060114
27. Otieno Dancan Otieno Dancan FKF050012
28. Otieno Derick Otieno Derick FKF007741
29. Otieno George Ochieng Otieno George Ochieng FKF015743
30. Otieno Joseph Ouma Otieno Joseph Ouma FKF050038
31. Otieno Odhiambo Ernes Otieno Odhiambo Ernes FKF023499
32. Otieno Victor Olango Otieno Victor Olango FKF024589
33. Ouma Eugine Owiti Ouma Eugine Owiti FKF049214
34. Ouma Stephen Ouma Stephen FKF007379
35. Ouma Victor Ouma Victor FKF024143
36. Oundo Felix Ochieng Oundo Felix Ochieng FKF048447
37. Owiti Harrison Otieno Owiti Harrison Otieno FKF049212
38. Owiti Justus Ochieng Owiti Justus Ochieng FKF049215
39. Owiti William Onywera Owiti William Onywera FKF048445
40. Oyoo Paul Oyoo Paul FKF027458
41. Raila Dickson Raila Dickson FKF006786
42. Shikolio John Owino Shikolio John Owino FKF060120
43. Wadanda Ezekiel Wadanda Ezekiel FKF003819
44. Waguda Fred Onyango Waguda Fred Onyango FKF003400

TBM Health FC form

12 Won
5 Draws
3 Lost
37 Scored
19 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
1. Amani Youth Amani Youth 20 14 1 5 33:21 +12 43
2. TBM Health FC TBM Health FC 20 12 5 3 37:19 +18 41
3. Bomachoge Borabu FC Bomachoge Borabu FC 20 12 3 5 30:21 +9 39
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