Mwamba Allstars

Lower Rift Regional League 2022/2023 Zone B2

Mwamba Allstars

Mwamba Allstars

Ole-Ntimama Stadium, Narok

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1. Kapasha Benson Kapasha Benson FKF032830
2. Kipng'eno Jared Kipng'eno Jared FKF032195
3. Lemaiyan Patrick Wagathiru Lemaiyan Patrick Wagathiru FKF037061
4. Lichoti Paul Mwabishi Lichoti Paul Mwabishi FKF032796
5. Lokiru Henry Lokiru Henry FKF032833
6. Lukas Simeon Ouma Lukas Simeon Ouma FKF032836
7. Mokaya Clinton Mokaya Clinton FKF032717
8. Ndungu Joseph Mburu Ndungu Joseph Mburu FKF032193
9. Ng'ang'a Samuel Wanjiku Ng'ang'a Samuel Wanjiku FKF032834
10. Noah Antony Ofulah Noah Antony Ofulah FKF032841
11. Odiwor Brucelee Odiwor Brucelee FKF032838
12. Odiwuor Leakey Musingo Odiwuor Leakey Musingo FKF031460
13. Odour Ian Odhiambo Odour Ian Odhiambo FKF033413
14. Okoth Patrick Ochung Okoth Patrick Ochung FKF032832
15. Okuku James Okuku James FKF032835
16. Omondi Dauglas Barasa Omondi Dauglas Barasa FKF032828
17. Omondi Malcolm Oseya Omondi Malcolm Oseya FKF033416
18. Ondieki Edwin Nyngaresi Ondieki Edwin Nyngaresi FKF032839
19. Onduto Alex Oginga Onduto Alex Oginga FKF032843
20. Onyari Samuel Onyari Samuel FKF032827
21. Otieno George Ogot Otieno George Ogot FKF032840
22. Otuni Nkoitoi Vincent Otuni Nkoitoi Vincent FKF033420
23. Ouko Maurice Ouko Ouko Maurice Ouko FKF032842
24. Paan Felix Paan Felix FKF032829
25. Rakewa Denis Rakewa Denis FKF032831

Mwamba Allstars form

5 Won
2 Draws
7 Lost
15 Scored
19 Conceded

Lower Rift Regional League 2022/2023 Zone B2

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
4. CBG Cheborgei CBG Cheborgei 14 7 3 4 26:14 +12 24
5. Mwamba Allstars Mwamba Allstars 14 5 2 7 15:19 -4 17
6. Siwot FC Siwot FC 14 4 3 7 10:21 -11 15
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