CBG Cheborgei

Lower Rift Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

CBG Cheborgei

CBG Cheborgei

Cheborgei Primary

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1. Bett Kiprono Bett Kiprono FKF027832
2. Bian Kibet Bian Kibet FKF056059
3. Chepkwony Duncan Chepkwony Duncan FKF029349
4. Chirchir Aron Chirchir Aron FKF054717
5. Collins Bett Collins Bett FKF054712
6. Kimutai Felix Kimutai Felix FKF028112
7. Kipchirchir Kelvin Kipchirchir Kelvin FKF054714
8. Kipchirchir Kevin Kipchirchir Kevin FKF029167
9. Kipchirchir Martinmusa Kipchirchir Martinmusa FKF028113
10. Kipkemoi Hebron Kipkemoi Hebron FKF056060
11. Kipkirui Ken Kipkirui Ken FKF054719
12. Kipkirui Nicholas Kipkirui Nicholas FKF028115
13. Kipngetich Collins Kipngetich Collins FKF054718
14. Kipngetich Joash Kipngetich Joash FKF028114
15. Kiprono Duncan Kiprono Duncan FKF028472
16. Kiprotich Festus Kiprotich Festus FKF029078
17. Kipsang Benard Kipsang Benard FKF027836
18. Kipyegon Brian Kipyegon Brian FKF028106
19. Kipyegon Denis Kipyegon Denis FKF028116
20. Kirui Titus Kirui Titus FKF054715
21. Langat Enock Langat Enock FKF027582
22. Langat Festus Langat Festus FKF027833
23. Mutai Robin Mutai Robin FKF027575
24. Ngenoh Smith Ngenoh Smith FKF027801
25. Ngetich Wallace Ngetich Wallace FKF027838
26. Rotich Patrick Rotich Patrick FKF027837
27. Rotich Rodrick Rotich Rodrick FKF027835
28. Sigei Kiplangat Sigei Kiplangat FKF054711
29. Weldon Kibet Weldon Kibet FKF023788
30. Yegon Rogers Yegon Rogers FKF027842

CBG Cheborgei form

8 Won
0 Draws
1 Lost
16 Scored
5 Conceded

Lower Rift Regional League 2023/2024 Zone B

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
1. CBG Cheborgei CBG Che.. 9 8 0 1 16:5 +11 24
2. Lolgorian Lolgori.. 8 5 1 2 8:3 +5 16
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