Kilgoris United

National Division II 2022/2023 Central Zone A

Kilgoris United

Kilgoris United


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1. Derick Osapuk Derick Osapuk FKF023048
2. Gideon Gideon Gideon Gideon FKF023418
3. Kakaya John Kakaya John FKF024050
4. Keri Edwin Keri Edwin FKF023044
5. Kimakuti Daudi Kimakuti Daudi FKF023422
6. Kimanu Stephen Kimanu Stephen FKF023408
7. Kinyamal Ryan Kinyamal Ryan FKF023035
8. Kipchumba Peter Kipchumba Peter FKF023055
9. Kipkorir Kevin Kipkorir Kevin FKF023050
10. Kiprono Mark Kiprono Mark FKF023412
11. Kipteng Enock Kipteng Enock FKF023034
12. Lakei Raphael Lakei Raphael FKF023409
13. Ledaru David Ledaru David FKF023057
14. Lekakeny Tampula Lekakeny Tampula FKF023032
15. Lemayian Felix Lemayian Felix FKF023413
16. Lemiso Dominic Lemiso Dominic FKF023033
17. Lemiso Geofrey Lemiso Geofrey FKF023407
18. Mburu Peter Mburu Peter FKF023046
19. Musere Dennis Musere Dennis FKF024057
20. Mwai Peter Mwai Peter FKF024052
21. Nangelo Griffin Nangelo Griffin FKF023416
22. Nkoimu Isaac Nkoimu Isaac FKF023411
23. Nyaberi Peter Nyaberi Peter FKF023709
24. Odera Calvis Odera Calvis FKF023419
25. Oketch John Oketch John FKF023036
26. Omache Wickliffe Omache Wickliffe FKF023056
27. Omundi James Omundi James FKF023415
28. Saruni Dennis Saruni Dennis FKF023420
29. Tinini Elius Tinini Elius FKF023410
30. Tiyo Amos Tiyo Amos FKF023423
31. Wanjiku Brian Wanjiku Brian FKF023053

Kilgoris United form

1 Won
1 Draws
7 Lost
6 Scored
20 Conceded

National Division II 2022/2023 Central Zone A

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
9. Solian City FC Solian .. 17 2 6 9 11:25 -14 12
10. Kilgoris United Kilgori.. 9 1 1 7 6:20 -14 4
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