Total Spurs

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone A

Total Spurs

Total Spurs

Ole Ntimama Stadium

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1. Ambuka Brian Muyeshi Ambuka Brian Muyeshi FKF023501
2. Amuta Joseph Amuta Joseph FKF060035
3. Asiago Peter Lloyid Asiago Peter Lloyid FKF023079
4. Auma John Opere Auma John Opere FKF060033
5. Benson Koina Benson Koina FKF029339
6. Ekisa Felix Rehema Ekisa Felix Rehema FKF023071
7. Hajji Bakari Abu Hajji Bakari Abu FKF047635
8. Hussein Hassan Hussein Hassan FKF010943
9. Jacob Ogonda Jacob Ogonda FKF024892
10. Kabucho Peter Muchara Kabucho Peter Muchara FKF048176
11. Karino Alvin Lemayian Karino Alvin Lemayian FKF023068
12. Kool Kuseyo Kool Kuseyo FKF024084
13. Lutta Alfred Lutta Alfred FKF060036
14. Mache Gerry Mache Gerry FKF048175
15. Maencha Clinton Nyambane Maencha Clinton Nyambane FKF047641
16. Memusi Francis Memusi Francis FKF048182
17. Mootian Fromens Leiyan Mootian Fromens Leiyan FKF023072
18. Moseka David Moriaso Moseka David Moriaso FKF047638
19. Muniu Charles Kinuthia Muniu Charles Kinuthia FKF023784
20. Muthoka Joseph Mutisya Muthoka Joseph Mutisya FKF023716
21. Mwangi Albert Maina Mwangi Albert Maina FKF026661
22. Mwazia Nicholas Kivondo Mwazia Nicholas Kivondo FKF023066
23. Nailantei Kelvin Lemayian Nailantei Kelvin Lemayian FKF023069
24. Nyandega Wycliffe Odero Nyandega Wycliffe Odero FKF023077
25. Ochieng Newton Ouma Ochieng Newton Ouma FKF023783
26. Odori Mackdonald Ekisa Odori Mackdonald Ekisa FKF047647
27. Okuku James Okuku James FKF032835
28. Ong'era Isaboke Quinton Ong'era Isaboke Quinton FKF060037
29. Otieno Brian Otieno Brian FKF023781
30. Otieno Edson Emodo Otieno Edson Emodo FKF023076
31. Passiany David Lemayian Passiany David Lemayian FKF023078
32. Sadera Alfred Tiambati Sadera Alfred Tiambati FKF048181
33. Solite Clinton Solite Clinton FKF022297
34. Tante Josel Meitamei Tante Josel Meitamei FKF023073
35. Tiyo Amos Tiyo Amos FKF023423
36. Wilson Sharkoyio Ledama Wilson Sharkoyio Ledama FKF047648
37. Zakayo John Muhia Zakayo John Muhia FKF023061

Total Spurs form

9 Won
0 Draws
6 Lost
23 Scored
26 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone A

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
2. Vickers Vickers 14 9 2 3 21:8 +13 29
3. Total Spurs Total S.. 15 9 0 6 23:26 -3 27
4. Ndarawetta Tea FC Ndarawe.. 15 8 2 5 31:16 +15 26
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