Geturi Black Dynamos

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone A

Geturi Black Dynamos

Geturi Black Dynamos

Geturi Primary Sch   |   Kisii County

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1. Abednego Bikeri Abednego Bikeri FKF049757
2. Abel Mokoro Abel Mokoro FKF032307
3. Amenya Philip Amenya Philip FKF050389
4. Brian Nyandiko Brian Nyandiko FKF050205
5. Brian Onsinde Brian Onsinde FKF032602
6. Brian Onsongo Brian Onsongo FKF049991
7. Bundi Evans Bundi Evans FKF049993
8. Clifford Nyamage Clifford Nyamage FKF032754
9. Clinton Isaboke Clinton Isaboke FKF032475
10. Denis Akuma Denis Akuma FKF032601
11. Dennis Masega Dennis Masega FKF032755
12. Dominic Tengeya Dominic Tengeya FKF040457
13. Edwin Barongo Edwin Barongo FKF032510
14. Fredrick Mokaya Fredrick Mokaya FKF031995
15. Getate Kevin Getate Kevin FKF023596
16. Hesbon Anyona Hesbon Anyona FKF053534
17. Machiegwa Rymond Machiegwa Rymond FKF049996
18. Maeba Elijah Maeba Elijah FKF032504
19. Magoma Kelvin Magoma Kelvin FKF050204
20. Makori Josphat Makori Josphat FKF049994
21. Mang'era Brian Mang'era Brian FKF032306
22. Masore Sospeter Masore Sospeter FKF032252
23. Mogaka Rodgers Mogaka Rodgers FKF049833
24. Mogusu Alex Juma Mogusu Alex Juma FKF050818
25. Mokaya Daniel Mokaya Daniel FKF049756
26. Mokua Enock Mokua Enock FKF049414
27. Moriasi Hezbon Moriasi Hezbon FKF033917
28. Mose Robert Nyarori Mose Robert Nyarori FKF050884
29. Nyaanga Amos Nyaanga Amos FKF032253
30. Nyaata Charles Nyaata Charles FKF033122
31. Nyabicha Edwin Nyabicha Edwin FKF039730
32. Nyaramba Clinton Nyaramba Clinton FKF032474
33. Ocharo Adolfas Ocharo Adolfas FKF023597
34. Ogachi Adelbert Ogachi Adelbert FKF031991
35. Omasire Emmanuel Omasire Emmanuel FKF023540
36. Ombati Emmanuel Ombati Emmanuel FKF031993
37. Onchiri Justin Onchiri Justin FKF034261
38. Otiso Obed Otiso Obed FKF023030
39. Oundo Ronald Oundo Ronald FKF049990
40. Ouru Vincent Ouru Vincent FKF031988
41. Paul Nyabuto Paul Nyabuto FKF031997
42. Rogito Collins Rogito Collins FKF028703
43. Yuvinalis Mosioma Yuvinalis Mosioma FKF034971

Geturi Black Dynamos form

L L D L D W ? ? D ? D W L D W L L L W L ? L W L ?
5 Won
5 Draws
10 Lost
25 Scored
33 Conceded

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone A

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
11. Getaari FC Getaari FC 20 6 4 10 18:32 -14 22
12. Geturi Black Dynamos Geturi Black Dynamos 20 5 5 10 25:33 -8 20
13. Geteni FC Geteni FC 19 4 4 11 17:28 -11 16
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