Mwamba FC

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

Mwamba FC(Nyamira)

Mwamba FC(Nyamira)

Esanige Magwagwa   |   Nyamira County

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1. Achira Daniel Achira Daniel FKF047954
2. Alwanga Frank Alwanga Frank FKF048054
3. Arani Brian Arani Brian FKF052042
4. Areba Daniel Oenga Areba Daniel Oenga FKF052765
5. Atika Vincent Atika Vincent FKF023541
6. Barongo Bivon Barongo Bivon FKF052278
7. Bukachi Neville Bukachi Neville FKF036601
8. Gesicho Joseph Nyamoi Gesicho Joseph Nyamoi FKF060771
9. Getate Kevin Getate Kevin FKF023596
10. Gichana Thadeus Gichana Thadeus FKF032292
11. John Edwine Mokoro John Edwine Mokoro FKF060781
12. Kenyenga Justine Kenyenga Justine FKF001305
13. Keoro John Monyonge Keoro John Monyonge FKF052187
14. Kerandi Brian Sambuja Kerandi Brian Sambuja FKF052182
15. Latoya Evans Ateti Latoya Evans Ateti FKF052185
16. Lekangu Benson Lekangu Benson FKF052046
17. Lenantare Sadaam Lmeiseyeki Lenantare Sadaam Lmeiseyeki FKF052176
18. Maangi Daniel Maangi Daniel FKF052279
19. Maangi Daniel Makori Maangi Daniel Makori FKF052173
20. Machacharia Jairus Mwabora Machacharia Jairus Mwabora FKF052175
21. Makori Simion Mangeri Makori Simion Mangeri FKF060758
22. Makori Tyson Ambrose Makori Tyson Ambrose FKF060768
23. Mandira Hesbon Orwaru Mandira Hesbon Orwaru FKF052184
24. Mang'ong'o John Mang'ong'o John FKF023529
25. Manyara Joseph Nyaosi Manyara Joseph Nyaosi FKF052179
26. Maoya Bevon Maoya Bevon FKF023537
27. Maronga Brian Maronga Brian FKF023026
28. Matara Alvin Ondieki Matara Alvin Ondieki FKF060766
29. Matara Festus Matara Festus FKF037604
30. Mayaka Joseck Bonface Mayaka Joseck Bonface FKF059031
31. Mirewa Geoffrey Nyamwari Mirewa Geoffrey Nyamwari FKF052180
32. Misinga Job Mayieka Misinga Job Mayieka FKF052181
33. Mogaka Christopher Mogaka Christopher FKF052276
34. Mogaka Ezekiel Arogo Mogaka Ezekiel Arogo FKF060779
35. Mokaya Bias Okari Mokaya Bias Okari FKF052764
36. Mokua Enock Mokua Enock FKF049414
37. Mongare Justus Mongare Justus FKF034204
38. Morara Christopher Onyancha Morara Christopher Onyancha FKF060784
39. Morara Zachary Obino Morara Zachary Obino FKF052767
40. Motondi Brian Motondi Brian FKF052045
41. Mpikas Calleb Mpikas Calleb FKF048046
42. Mweresa Brian Mweresa Brian FKF060777
43. Ngero Eliud Ngero Eliud FKF048436
44. Nyaberi Emmanuel Kariri Nyaberi Emmanuel Kariri FKF060767
45. Nyabero Felix Nyabero Felix FKF060774
46. Nyabuto Timothy Nyabuto Timothy FKF023016
47. Nyaega Vincent Nyaega Vincent FKF031775
48. Nyagucha Godfrey Nyagucha Godfrey FKF060780
49. Nyameinu Humphrey Makori Nyameinu Humphrey Makori FKF052186
50. Nyanaro Libratos Nyanaro Libratos FKF052044
51. Nyangare Edwin Nyaribo Nyangare Edwin Nyaribo FKF060778
52. Nyangau Simion Nyangau Simion FKF060776
53. Nyangau Walter Abuga Nyangau Walter Abuga FKF060765
54. Nyantika Bonfase Misinga Nyantika Bonfase Misinga FKF052178
55. Nyantika Vincent Nyantika Vincent FKF023025
56. Nyaribo Enock Magaro Nyaribo Enock Magaro FKF060761
57. Obaga Andrew Manyaka Obaga Andrew Manyaka FKF060760
58. Oburu David Nyangena Oburu David Nyangena FKF052188
59. Odao Peter Okoth Odao Peter Okoth FKF060785
60. Odhiambo Elvis Olima Odhiambo Elvis Olima FKF060772
61. Odhiambo Salim Odhiambo Salim FKF029373
62. Odhiambo Victor Onyango Odhiambo Victor Onyango FKF031742
63. Odogi Bill Odogi Bill FKF023531
64. Ogamba Morgan Ogamba Morgan FKF037602
65. Oiko Felix Oiko Felix FKF032497
66. Okumu Danish Odhiambo Okumu Danish Odhiambo FKF060773
67. Omasire Emmanuel Omasire Emmanuel FKF023540
68. Omondi Chtchukin West Omondi Chtchukin West FKF060763
69. Omondi Dadius Omondi Dadius FKF052277
70. Omondi Verwood Joshua Omondi Verwood Joshua FKF060769
71. Onchoke Sebastian Mwabora Onchoke Sebastian Mwabora FKF052177
72. Ondieki Abraham Ondieki Abraham FKF049412
73. Ondieki David Achoki Ondieki David Achoki FKF052183
74. Ongeri Erick Ongeri Erick FKF032741
75. Ongori Nahashon Ongori Nahashon FKF032495
76. Ongubo Jackson Isaiah Ongubo Jackson Isaiah FKF060770
77. Onkundi Destariane Onkundi Destariane FKF023542
78. Onyango Churchil Onyango Churchil FKF042261
79. Orina Dominic Orina Dominic FKF052189
80. Orina Dominic Kiboma Orina Dominic Kiboma FKF052174
81. Osoro Patrick Osoro Patrick FKF049413
82. Otieno Cliff Otieno Cliff FKF052768
83. Otieno Ian Otieno Ian FKF023031
84. Otwori Zadrack Otwori Zadrack FKF052047
85. Ouko Justine Ombongi Ouko Justine Ombongi FKF052766
86. Ouru Samuel Ombati Ouru Samuel Ombati FKF060782
87. Owiti David Owiti David FKF060764
88. Silas Emmanuel Silas Emmanuel FKF052043
89. Were George Otieno Were George Otieno FKF060783

Mwamba FC form

3 Won
4 Draws
13 Lost
17 Scored
38 Conceded

National Division II 2023/2024 Central Zone D

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
10. Simba FC (Kisumu) Simba FC 20 5 2 13 16:33 -17 17
11. Mwamba FC(Nyamira) Mwamba FC 20 3 4 13 17:38 -21 13
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