Kineni FC

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone A

Kineni FC

Kineni FC

Nyagacho Grounds

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1. Anunda Josphat Osoro Anunda Josphat Osoro FKF027378
2. Buge Ronic Gwaro Buge Ronic Gwaro FKF026948
3. Gisemba Dennis Gisemba Dennis FKF028676
4. Gwako Titus Omwoyo Gwako Titus Omwoyo FKF027107
5. Kebaso Newton Arasa Kebaso Newton Arasa FKF027118
6. Kiage Ozbon Mosoti Kiage Ozbon Mosoti FKF043591
7. Mandere Handson Mandere Handson FKF029789
8. Mbogo Malach Ateka Mbogo Malach Ateka FKF027121
9. Mong'are Erick Kenani Mong'are Erick Kenani FKF026949
10. Mong'are Lamech Orang'o Mong'are Lamech Orang'o FKF027117
11. Nyairo Jared Bosire Nyairo Jared Bosire FKF027102
12. Nyokwoyo Denis Onyiego Nyokwoyo Denis Onyiego FKF028019
13. Obanyi James Geke Obanyi James Geke FKF027105
14. Obegi Victor Mong'are Obegi Victor Mong'are FKF027116
15. Ochari Daniel Auka Ochari Daniel Auka FKF027113
16. Ochari Enock Ondieki Ochari Enock Ondieki FKF027098
17. Okeri Paul Francis Okeri Paul Francis FKF027097
18. Omanwa Philip Ondieki Omanwa Philip Ondieki FKF043587
19. Omari Cyprian Ocharo Omari Cyprian Ocharo FKF050266
20. Omenda Lameck Omenda Lameck FKF003467
21. Omwoyo Brian Angwenyi Omwoyo Brian Angwenyi FKF028631
22. Onchuku Gerald Nyakundi Onchuku Gerald Nyakundi FKF028020
23. Ondieki Kevin Guto Ondieki Kevin Guto FKF050263
24. Onkundi Stephen Onkundi Stephen FKF049985
25. Osoro Geoffrey Mariera Osoro Geoffrey Mariera FKF027095
26. Osoro Kephah Osoro Kephah FKF029808
27. Rastin Magoma Gekonge Rastin Magoma Gekonge FKF050223
28. Sagwe Amos Osiemo Sagwe Amos Osiemo FKF027096

Kineni FC form

W L W L W L ? ? ? L ? W W W D L L ? D W L L W W L
9 Won
2 Draws
9 Lost
19 Scored
25 Conceded

Nyanza Regional League 2023/2024 Zone A

# Team Pl Wn Dw Ls F:A +/- Pts
7. Kisii Industrial FC Kisii Industrial FC 20 10 5 5 32:23 +9 35
8. Kineni FC Kineni FC 20 9 2 9 19:25 -6 29
9. Kenyamware Pirates Kenyamware Pirates 19 8 3 8 24:29 -5 27
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