Tangulbei FC Ladies

Tiaty East Sub-County Governor Cheboi Super Cup 2023

Tangulbei FC Ladies

Tangulbei FC Ladies

Tangulbei   |   Baringo County


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1. Chelatan Brigide Chelatan Brigide BGC1590
2. Chelikwon Abigael Chelikwon Abigael BGC1583
3. Cheyech Mercy Cheyech Mercy BGC1578
4. Chumba Evaline Chumba Evaline BGC1576
5. Kaman Catherine Kaman Catherine BGC1589
6. Kampi Jubillant Kampi Jubillant BGC1580
7. Kangoror Stella Kangoror Stella BGC1588
8. Kasait Sheilah Kasait Sheilah BGC1575
9. Kipterer Ruth Kipterer Ruth BGC1579
10. Konoi Celestine Konoi Celestine BGC1586
11. Lomechan Sheila Lomechan Sheila BGC1585
12. Lopan Velentine Lopan Velentine BGC1587
13. Lopok Ivyonne Lopok Ivyonne BGC1574
14. Lopuyet Brenda Lopuyet Brenda BGC1573
15. Lowianuk Celestine Lowianuk Celestine BGC1577
16. Nyakiram Michal Nyakiram Michal BGC1582
17. Rotuno Brenda Rotuno Brenda BGC1581
18. Tupup Caroline Tupup Caroline BGC1584

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