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Eldama Ravine Sub-County Governor Cheboi Super Cup 2023

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Elda Ravine

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1. Babet Patrick Kipchumba Babet Patrick Kipchumba BGC0482
2. Bett Arnold Kiplagat Bett Arnold Kiplagat BGC0476
3. Cheboi Denis Kimutai Cheboi Denis Kimutai BGC0479
4. Cheboi Joash Kipkogei Cheboi Joash Kipkogei BGC0488
5. Cheruiyot Robert Kimeli Cheruiyot Robert Kimeli BGC0485
6. Cherutich Brian Kiprop Cherutich Brian Kiprop BGC0477
7. Kasaon Timothy Kiprop Kasaon Timothy Kiprop BGC0481
8. Kemboi Rodgers Kipchumba Kemboi Rodgers Kipchumba BGC0474
9. Kipkosgei Zedekiah Mabinda Kipkosgei Zedekiah Mabinda BGC0470
10. Kipkurui Victor Kipkurui Victor BGC0478
11. Kipngetich Brian Kipngetich Brian BGC0483
12. Kipsang Denis Kimutai Kipsang Denis Kimutai BGC0471
13. Kiptum Pius Kiptum Pius BGC0473
14. Koech Jacob Kiptui Koech Jacob Kiptui BGC0475
15. Lagat Douglas Kipkoech Lagat Douglas Kipkoech BGC0486
16. Ndanyi Nathan Kipchirchir Ndanyi Nathan Kipchirchir BGC0489
17. Omoding Stanley Ekesa Omoding Stanley Ekesa BGC0468
18. Rono Denilson Kipchumba Rono Denilson Kipchumba BGC0480
19. Rono Evans Kipkurui Rono Evans Kipkurui BGC0469
20. Tarus Gilbert Kimutai Tarus Gilbert Kimutai BGC0487
21. Toroitich Daniel Maiyo Toroitich Daniel Maiyo BGC0467
22. Yator Evans Kibiwott Yator Evans Kibiwott BGC0484
23. Yegon Elias Kiptoo Yegon Elias Kiptoo BGC0472

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