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Njoro Sub-county League 2020/2021

A week without football makes one Weak!!!

Njoro Sub-county League 2020/2021

Jun 27th 2021
Hamburg FC Hamburg FC(Njoro) 1 - 1 Baraka FC(Nakuru) Baraka FC Jawatho Ground
Jul 4th 2021
Cobra FC Cobra FC 2 - 2 KARI FC(Njoro) KARI FC Kenana
Baraka FC Baraka FC(Nakuru) 1 - 4 Razorbacks Razorbacks Uwanja Ndege
Jul 11th 2021
KARI FC KARI FC(Njoro) 2 - 1 Baraka FC(Nakuru) Baraka FC Kari Ground
Razorbacks Razorbacks 1 - 0 Belbur FC Belbur FC Piave Secondary
Hamburg FC Hamburg FC(Njoro) 0 - 2 Cobra FC Cobra FC Jawatho Ground
Jul 18th 2021
Eleven Hunters FC Eleven Hunters FC 4 - 2 Lisam FC Lisam FC Nessuit Primary
Hamburg FC Hamburg FC(Njoro) 3 - 4 Razorbacks Razorbacks Jawatho Ground
Cobra FC Cobra FC 2 - 3 Nessuit Blazers Nessuit Blazers Kenana
Jul 25th 2021
Razorbacks Razorbacks 1 - 0 Nessuit Blazers Nessuit Blazers Piave Primary
Baraka FC Baraka FC(Nakuru) 4 - 2 Belbur FC Belbur FC Uwanja Ndege
KARI FC KARI FC(Njoro) 0 - 2 Eleven Hunters FC Eleven Hunters FC Kari Ground
Lisam FC Lisam FC 2 - 2 Hamburg FC(Njoro) Hamburg FC Kiwanja Ndege
Aug 1st 2021
Belbur FC Belbur FC 1 - 2 Nessuit Blazers Nessuit Blazers Tengecha Primary Grounds
Hamburg FC Hamburg FC(Njoro) 2 - 2 Beeston FC Beeston FC Jawatho Ground
Eleven Hunters FC Eleven Hunters FC 3 - 4 Razorbacks Razorbacks Nessuit Primary
Cobra FC Cobra FC 2 - 0 Baraka FC(Nakuru) Baraka FC Kenana
KARI FC KARI FC(Njoro) 3 - 3 Lisam FC Lisam FC Kari Ground
Aug 8th 2021
Beeston FC Beeston FC 2 - 3 Belbur FC Belbur FC Beeston Grounds
Razorbacks Razorbacks 0 - 1 Cobra FC Cobra FC Piave Primary

Meet the Teams

Njoro Sub-county League 2020/2021 Teams

Belbur FC

Belbur FC
Tengecha Primary Grounds

Hamburg FC(Njoro)

Hamburg FC
Jawatho Ground


Piave Secondary Sch

KARI FC(Njoro)

Karlo Ground

Baraka FC(Nakuru)

Baraka FC
Uwanja Ndege

Cobra FC

Cobra FC
Kenana Grounds

Nessuit Blazers

Nessuit Blazers
Nessuit Primary Sch

Eleven Hunters FC

Eleven Hunters FC
Nessuit Primary

Lisam FC

Lisam FC
Jawatho Grounds

Beeston FC

Beeston FC
Beeston Grounds


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