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Chairman Francis Oliele's Scorecard on Matters Football in Gilgil Subcounty

Gilgil subcounty has experienced exponential growth on matters football that has yielded into small steps on the development of grasstoot football into giant leaps in not only our county, regional but also national leagues.

Gilgil Sub county Youth League

Five years ago, Gilgil subcounty  was  under Naivasha office on matters football administration and development . Our total teams playing in varios fkf leagues were less than 5. Today, I can confidently say that the story has changed courtesy of one able and versatile leader . His name is none other than Mr. Francis Oliele. Allow me therefore ladies and Gentlemen to highlight on Chairman Oliele's  scorecard in Gilgil Subcounty on matters football development :

Governance Structure

Gilgil Sibcounty FKF office is today independent of Naivasha office and wholly functional. Mr. Oliele and his County leadership team saw the need to give us our own charter whereby we have been able to achieve the following:

  • Manage various FKF leagues within our subcounty (Juniors and Seniors)
  • Expand our catchment areas by bringing in teams from other wards within Gilgil subcounty . This has yieleded into exposure of our players and talents within our larger subcounty
  • Guide and enlighten our members on new developments in football . For instance, we conducted training to  leaders representing various teams in our Subcounty on matters fifa connect .
  • Costs have been cut for teams playing in our Subcounty league as opposed to the initial arrangements where teams could travel to Naivasha every week despite being pooled/zoned under alongside Naivasha teams

Football Development Structure

It is good to note that Gilgil Subcounty was/is   the first Subcounty in Nakuru county to roll out an elaborate and functional  Youth league (under 13/15 ). We also have teams in the following FKF categories :-

  • Gilgil Subcounty FKF Youth League: Under 13 -7 teams, Under 15 -8 teams
  • Gilgil Subcounty FKF League: 10 Teams
  • Nakuru County Elite Youth League: 1 Team
  • Nakuru County League: Men - 4 Teams, Women - 1 Team
  • Lower Rft Regional League: 1 Team
  • Central Zone DIV2 League: 2 Teams

Gilgil Subcounty Youth League Team

We have been able to realize all these as Gilgil Subcounty FKF office and members under the Leadership and guidance of our County Chair Mr Oliele. From a region that has had less than 5 teams previously competing in lower tier FKF leagues to one that currently boasts  of over 34 teams and still Counting , in a scale of 1 - 10 , I would give Chair Oliele a strong 9/10 for a job well done in Gilgil subcounty.

By Senator Otieno
SG -FKF Gilgil Subcounty and Seal Team FC President


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